Sweatshirt is hand-down the best garment for WInter/ Spring season for everyone. Though we all acknowledge the presence of the strings, almost all of us just let them hang on freely. Sweatshirt strings are often used to pull the hood neater the the head and keep us warm. Nevertheless, if you are on the lookout for adding highlights to your look, there are 8 amazing ideas on how to tie sweatshirt strings for you to try right away!

Why do hoodies have drawstrings?

It’s a pretty simple reason. The hood itself is actuallly designed to be worn up. The drawstring adjusts the size of the hood which during poor weather conditions, think rain, sleet and snow, can be closed around your face to keep you warm. A drawstring is placed into a narrow fabric casing around the region that will circle the face while the hood is up on hooded sweat jackets, also known as hoodies. The “drawstring” is used to pull the hood closer to the head in order to keep it dry, warm, and safe from strong winds.

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How do you make hoodie strings even?

While our main focus of the post is tying the strings, remember to keep the two strings at the same length in the first place. It’s all about your own goods, you don’t want one of your strings acidently touches the ground when you bend down. Place its front of your hood on the crown of your head, and with one string inside each hand, pull one side or the other to balance it out. It’s important to keep the front of your hood on top of your head to prevent it from scrunching up. For it to function properly, you will need to stretch your neck and stand up straight. Best of luck!

How to tie sweatshirt strings? 8 methods from basic to advanced

The trendsetter for the whole string tying is H&M. In its 2020 Winter Women’s Collection, H&M promoted its news hoodies with versaltile ways to tie the strings, incorporated in both zip-up and pullover styles. By applying creative knots as long known in knitting, h&M brought a fresh taste for basic hoodies and make this dress down item become more dress up. The trend H&M tying strings ideas started with women, but according to us, it can works incredibly for men, too!


With fashion, in order to stand out and make an impression, you must never compromise the safety for style. Inspired by the H&M string tying, we have collected fanstastic ideas to share with you which can make you never go back to free-hanging hoodie strings again.

Bumblebee – how to tie sweatshirt strings

The Bumblebee Knot featuring the interlaced weaving is common to all Celtic knots. This decorative knot is straight-up to tie and can be used as a decoration for the hoodie. Click here for step-by-step instruction.



The donut knot is definitely best fastfood for donut lovers! Just kidding! The donut knot here plays the role of not only shortening the length of strings but also elevating the style.



Easy knot for every new knotting learners, the chain knot is so beautiful and cool at the same time.


Barrel Knot

Being an important knot in many sports activities including climbing, fishing lines, so on, it is no doubt that barrel knot is so manly.


Single Strand Braid

Similar to these previous knots, the single strand braid is also easy and cool.


Pipa Knot

Fill your days with luck with this ingenious tie style, very unique and happy.


Single Strand Dimonf Knot

Not so easy knit for impatient people but once you finish, your outfit will surely be 100 times more eye-catching.


Carrick Bend

A lightweight knot style transforms your traditional hoodie staple into something current and stylish.

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Longing for more unique knots, go to 101 Knots for more crazy ideas or watch the followng video.

Those are 8 astonishing ideas to tie a knot. Now, it’s your turn to pick up your favorite Sweatshirts/ Hoodies and start to tie the strings today!