How to tell my parents that I broke my phone and will pay for a new one myself, without them getting upset/angry

I (16M) have damaged my Iphone XR (which I only just got last December), for the second time in 2 months. Last time it was just a screen crack, so my parents were willing to pay to repair it that one time, for $140. However, just 6 weeks later, I damaged my phone again, this time with WATER. I tried many troubleshooting solutions, but my phone seems as if it's on its death bed. I am sure that my parents will not want to replace my phone altogether, especially when I've proven to be very irresponsible with it.

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I am trying to figure out a way for me to earn my own money to eventually be able to afford a new phone. I am taking full responsibility this time. It might sound weird that a TEEN is saying this, but I feel that if I just handed a new phone from my parents, it won't teach me a lesson in life. Maybe this experience might teach me to be uber-careful with brand new electronics, or the actual "value" of money.

Now here is the emotional aspect of my story, which makes me sound more like the kid I am: I am afraid to tell my parents what happened. Even though I am willing to take responsibility, I am also an emotionally-sensitive person who takes it to heart/gets "paralyzed" when I am yelled at or talked to in a stern manner. Parents/adults of, do you have any tips on how I can discuss this with my parents and maintain a calm atmosphere? Tips on ways I can find a job/other method to earn money would be great as well. Thank you so much!

UPDATE: Finally by 5:00 today I worked up the courage to tell my parents that the phone was broken. My mom was rather calm about it (with a "not my problem" attitude). My dad, on the other hand, was pissed for a few minutes but eventually calmed down. The consensus though was that they will not be paying for a repair or a new phone. Turns out my dad still has an old phone that I can use for however long I need it, which will probably be a few months at least. We'll figure out in a few days how I can go about raising my own money for repairs/replacement. My mom suggested that I could just ask my grandparents to pay for it as a holiday gift, but my dad doesn't think that that is the right thing to do.

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Honestly, that would also feel wrong to me as well. Plus, I was already going to ask my grandparents to get me a new laptop (this one is almost 8 years old with a couple of the keys missing, and is slowing down, so it has definitely made its money's worth).