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Dryers deserve to be run by gas or electricity, and also it is essential to understand which one friend have. Normally, if friend are set up because that one type, you can not just readjust to one more without having actually the hookups installed. Many people have no idea what the difference is and also which one lock prefer. They just use every little thing dryer is in their home without giving it a the majority of thought. However, the is vital to recognize which one you have if you arrangement to replace it or perform your home for sale.

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Check the Plug ~ above the ago of the Dryer

One way to find out if her dryer is gas or electrical is to examine the plug. Both types will usage electricity. An electrical dryer will certainly use electrical energy to power every aspect of the machine, consisting of the heat. A gas dryer uses electricity to strength the light, the control panel, and also the drum. Because the electric dryer is using electrical energy for so much more, it needs to draw an ext power. That cannot duty with the energy needed by standard electrical items.

An electrical dryer will have a larger plug with 3 or four prongs that are broad apart. It supplies a grounded 240 volt electric outlet that has an ext power because it offers a lot of electricity to generate the heat and run the drum, manage panel, and light. This plug will certainly look different from typical plugs. A gas dryer has actually a standard 3 prong plug. The plugs into a regular 110 volt outlet, and it will look comparable to most appliance plugs. You have the right to look at the plug to identify what kind of dryer girlfriend have.

Check How numerous Connections the Has

When you examine the earlier of your dryer, girlfriend can additionally check to view how countless connections it has. An electrical dryer has only one connection, which is a plug the goes right into an outlet. The doesn’t need anything rather to dry your clothes. A gas dryer will have two connections. It will have actually a plug the goes right into an outlet, yet it will also have a slim stainless steel connector, which is because that the gas.

You might not be able to see behind the dryer, yet if you traction the dryer out just a few inches, you deserve to use a flashlight to count the connections. If you watch two, the is a gas dryer, and also if you see one, that is electric.

Check the Outlets and wall Connections

If you have actually just moved right into a home and also do not have your dryer yet, girlfriend will want to recognize what sort you should buy. Girlfriend can’t check the dryer, but you can inspect the hook ups in the home. First, look at the wall. You should see an outlet wherein the dryer is supposed to go. If you see a bigger outlet with three or 4 prongs, this is the outlet because that an electric dryer. It will certainly look different from a conventional outlet.

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In addition, friend should find out if your home has actually gas service. If it doesn’t have gas service, climate you wouldn’t be able to have a gas dryer. This is one easy means to find out. World don’t regularly think about whether their dryer is gas or electrical until it is time come buy one. Then, friend will have to know because the two room not interchangeable. That is pretty simple to tell the difference by looking in ~ the outlet, the plug, and also searching for a gas connection.