Ok, so ns am going come be getting my last bird. Us are relocating soon and also I have actually a deposit down on a female yellow face turquoise that will be all set in August. My problem is now I am transforming my mind and wondering if I should switch to the cinnamon turquoise yellow sided boy. Ns am worried about egg laying issues with a female? walk this ever before happen? The just other bird in the house will be Jet, however he continues to be in mine son"s room and my son has asserted the bird together his own. Please aid me. Ns don"t recognize what to do. A environment-friendly cheek conure is sorta mine dream bird. Ever due to the fact that I was a tiny teeny bopper ns have always wanted one. I just can"t decide masculine or female..

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I have actually searched the internet and also I have actually been make the efforts to see if environment-friendly cheek conures ever before have chronic egg laying problems. I understand cockatiels can yet I can"t uncover anything about green cheeks. So perhaps it isn"t common. I simply don"t know.
Love mine girlies...super sweet and also what I would certainly opt for when I have choices. My boys room a handful but they are likewise much more independent, playful, talkative and nippy. Walk I point out nippy? I have actually (green cheeks) 5 girls (+one ~ above the way) and also four boys. Ns don"t desire to speak it however I will...only one has actually laid eggs. She just laid 2 thanks to the hormone shot native the vet. And so far I haven"t met a non-sweet yellow face girl.
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I don"t have experience with males, but I have actually three female environment-friendly Cheeks. My females are really sweet, yet two of them deserve to be an extremely nippy. Only my Pineapple has laid eggs, and also in the 4 and a half years I"ve had her, she has only laid them twice. The very first time was right after I got her, and also she to adjust 7-8 eggs, and the other was in October critical year, and also she set 4-5.

I to be 95% sure that mine conure is a girl, even tho ns say him, his the etc. Bord is feisty but Not anywhere near the level the "tude I obtained from handling male greenies. The males were actual up in your face always puffy and displaying and also whistling and also biting hard. The females not so much. Of course there are individual personality differences however as a generalization I believe there are distinctions in demeanor in between males and also females similar to with humans and horses.
So if she starts laying the vet have the right to stop her? I"ll post pictures of her. She is pretty and the breeder claimed she is friendly.
Yes, castle can offer them a shooting of hormones to aid stop egg laying. Always weighing her bird, suitable vetting etc. Will keep you on the road to wellness. Five he is stunning as well isn"t he? i love their colors.

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I don"t hear of GCC"s becoming chronic egg layers like cockatiels in ~ all. Mine female does lay egg every summer, because she to be 7 years old. Several of it needs to do with ecological triggers - cockatiels live where there room unpredictable merganser seasons and long dried seasons and are programmed to be all set to each other whenever conditions are favorable, since there"s no method of understanding when the rains will come again. GCC"s live where room are really regular annual rainy and also dry periods with the merganser season lot warmer than the dried season. Mine GCC becomes interested in egg laying as soon as the temperatures warm up in summer. It just isn"t feasible to save the house at the same temperature year round to avoid laying. Yet she lays one clutch, sit on it because that as long as ns let she (I frequently take the eggs away after 6 mainly or so), and then she is done for the year. Lupron shots are feasible to prevent laying, but usually only last for around a month, and also many bird eventually become immune. Critical year i did take her for a Lupron shot as soon as I approximated her to be about 2 weeks indigenous laying, based on behavior, and it did delay her laying through a couple of weeks. Yet I haven"t excellent Lupron due to the fact that then - ns don"t think it"s worth it because that a bird the isn"t a chronic layer and also doesn"t have health worries from laying. Also, enhancing day length deserve to be a reproduction trigger for many birds as well but of course that deserve to be dealt with by covering the cage in ~ night.