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Picked increase a 302 which is torn down and also ready for assembly. Problem is that i don"t understand what type of rear key seal was in the thing, so ns don"t understand which type to placed in (1 piece or 2). How have the right to I tell which I have to be using?The engine is one 87 302. I have a two item split-lip kind and a one piece that come in the Fel-Pro gasket set. Either appear to fit back the 2 piece requirements to have the end trimmed. So ns am in ~ a loss.Also, if it is the one-piece - should you usage some RTV or silicon and if so, where?Thanks for your help.
hm...I gained a Trick circulation gasket kit rather awhile back, and also I think it only came through a 2-piece. I had put the in, yet after rotate the crank around a few times the seal seemed to start working its means out. What years/engines are claimed to use the 2-piece seals? the collection I have is TFS-5140E912, and also checking the fitment it claims "69-"88 5.0 offers 2-piece seals, and I to be told the engine was the end of an "87 if ns remember there a means to tell, by looking in ~ the crankshaft or block itself quite than #s, i beg your pardon seal to use?
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Zpyro - the is mine question also - ns searched the boards and have seen both answer (1 or 2 piece). I am hoping someone knows exactly how to visually check which is proper for this block / crank. If that is the 1 piece, over there is a side v a cavity and a smooth side. Which one faces toward the engine and which deals with the trans?Thanks all.
My shortblock is native a 91, that is the XXX block. I used a 1 piece rear main with the cavity encountering in towards the motor. It no leak, i"ve done it this way more 보다 once
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late 1982 were changed to one is straightforward to tell, the one piece units press in from the behind of must remove the oil pan.the 2 piece units need to be set up with the rear main bearing lid removed.
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is the crank itself, wherein the seal sits, various for the one and two-piece cranks? ns was wondering why my 2-piece seals were working out from whereby they sat and why there to be a gap in between the piece
"65 Mustang Coupe - right now being rebuilt/restored"08 Buell XB12R - additionally being rebuilt (crashed it:rofl"95 Acura Integra - grocery getter
for anyone in search of a 1-piece seal (like me )
"65 Mustang Coupe - at this time being rebuilt/restored"08 Buell XB12R - additionally being rebuilt (crashed it:rofl"95 Acura Integra - grocery getter
i have actually a question what is the difference between the two 1-piece seals the summit sells? one is make of Fluroelastomer and also the various other is teflon. Is there a performance distinction or trust difference?
"65 Mustang Coupe - currently being rebuilt/restored"08 Buell XB12R - likewise being rebuilt (crashed it:rofl"95 Acura Integra - grocery getter
the full round oil seal is set up by advertise it in native the rear of the block.just removing the transmission and also flywheel will obtain access.the two piece seal is installed inside the rear key cannot be mounted without remove the oil pan, and then the key cap....the cranks room different.once again,......what room you trying to do...................?????????
I have actually gone under the roadway that girlfriend are only now about to space the an excellent equalizera level wheel, EIGHT inch dial caliper & adjustable pushrods need to be just as normal as a 1/2" wrench in her toolbox over there aint no shortcuts come doing that RIGHT....
I"ve had actually very negative experiences making use of silicone on these-Grease is much better and will certainly be much much less likely to do it difficult to remove when/if you have to replace the . FWIW, I supplied the $20 Teflon seal from NAPA and installed it dry per directions-no concerns at all after appr 30K miles

Bringing this earlier from the dead:I have a 69 351W block the obviously came through the 2 item rear key seal. I have been looking at the Eagle all forged 408 stroker kit. The crank does no specify if it is because that a 1 or 2 piece rear key seal setup. I would certainly assume the it is because that the 1 piece.Is over there a means to put a 1 item rear key seal in my block through machining the or something?
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