To keep the house clean and tidy, the Spin mop is one of the most popular household tools that many homeowners are using. There Are some opportunities which you can use to clean your house with the most modern mop that you have. However, after a few uses from the deep clean of your home, your broom can get dirty and need to be cleaned. If the mop is dirty, then your effort in cleaning your house will come to waste. The only choice you have is to wash the mop head or replace it with the new one.

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In case your mop head is still okay to use, you could remove the head and wash it. Before washing the head, you will want to remove the mop head properly to avoid malfunction or broken mop. For the spin mop, you need to remove the head first before washing it. Each model from a different manufacturer has different markings of twists and turns on the head. That’s why opening the mop can be challenging if you never did this before.

First, you can do to look at the moving pattern at the head of the mop. The branded spin mop should have a manual that you can read. In the manual, there will be head-removing instruction. Many times, people are overlooking this aspect so that they don’t know what’s wrong with their jammed or broken spin head. So, always play by the book.


In case you don’t find the manual, you could read the instruction given on the official site of the spin mop model. Alternatively, you could reach their customer service to help you with the method.

By using your hands, you could twist the spin mop head gently. If it sticks or doesn’t follow your twist, you might do it in the wrong direction. There’s a good chance that you turn in the right direction the first time you try it. The point is that you need to see the twist, and then you could pull the head from the mop. Pull it gently from the shaft, and you are good to go.

Keep in mind that some models need a stronger force to release their mop heads. If the manual that you read says so, don’t hesitate to use your power because it won’t hamper the product. Pull the head gently, and you are just doing great.

Sometimes, the mop head sticks to the attachment. You will also want to remove the attachment before washing your mop spin head.

Keep in mind that not all heads are machine washable. Again, you will need to read the official instructions from the manufacturer for this.

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If you are washing with the machine, make sure to remove any extra attachment from the head. The attachment can be wire or rubbing material. If you neglect this, there’s a chance the head can damage your washing machine. Removing the enclosure is also easy to do. With few attempts, it will become your nature. Thanks for reading and hope this tip helps you.