Force feeding (syringe feeding) and hand feeding are compelled when her guinea pig stop eating top top hisown or together a part of a post-surgery care. If her guinea pig is ill, please sweet him day-to-day at a continuous timing.Contact your cavy-savvy vet instantly if your guinea pigshows no attention in food, stops eating and/or loses weight regardless of being pressure fed.

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Disclaimer: The guinea pig in the accuse (Smoothie) is in the pink that health and therefore has actually a healthy and balanced appetite. However, for guinea pigs which are ill, they might struggle and it might take more effort come syringefeed them. Carry out persevere together they will require food in their system every 4 - 6 hrs if they room not eating to avoid their digestive device from being affected. Feed progressively if they space struggling to stop chokin and also aspiration of any type of food/liquid.

For more information onhand feeding,please visit ourhand feeding tutorial.


Tools required

Oxbow crucial Care (or any kind of other types of food formula together prescribed through the vet)Warm or room temperature drink waterBlanket or towel1ml syringe v the tip reduced off (see how-to below)Pruning shears (to cut the reminder of the syringe)

Step-by-step accuse - exactly how to cut Syringe Tip

The syringetip should be cut off to enable the crucial Care mixture to flow out smoothly.

Cut the guideline of the syringe v pruning shears.Remove all the sharp edges. You might want to sand castle downwith sandpaper.Clean the syringe through soapy water. To wash well prior to use.

How to pressure Feed (Syringe Feed) her Guinea Pig with vital Care

Mix 1 component of an important Care with 2 parts of heat water (or together instructed by the vet).

Put a blanket for her guinea pig to rest on. You might wrap your guinea pig if he struggles.

NOTES: Feed her guinea pigwith his fourfeet planted firmlyon the ground. Perform not placed your guinea pig top top his earlier while feeding. This may reason food come gointo the lungs, resulting in aspiration pneumonia.

Pull the plunger to to fill the1ml syringe with an essential Care, makingsure over there is no air bubble current in the syringe. You can additionally fill up a larger syringe with crucial Care and also use that to fill up a couple of 1ml syringeGently press the syringe into the side of the mouth,just behind the former teeth.

Slowly release the crucial Care mixture. Give your guinea pig a break to chew and swallow every 0.1 - 0.2 ml, or 0.05ml if your guinea pigisweak.

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Push the plunger slowly. Pressure feeding is a time-consuming process and requires patience.Feeding the crucial Care too rapid may cause food to get in the lungs, leading to aspiration pneumonia.Stop advertise the syringe plunger if your guinea pig does not chew or is showing signs of uncomfortable (squeaking, coughing, etc).You may include water if critical Care becomes too thick.To improve the texture, you can also mix normal an essential Care powder v the fine Grind crucial Care powder.Discard the leftover an essential Care after each use.Weigh your guinea pig everyday when that is ill at a continuous timing. If weight continues to drop in spite of being pressure fed, rise the amount of vital Care and also the frequency that feeding. Please also bring to the vet because that review.