It’s impressive just how two simple ingredients – egg whites and sugar – can produce such an elegant, simple and delicious dessert. But can you batch prepare meringues and also freeze them? and do they frozen well?

The quick Answer

Yes, you have the right to freeze meringue. Meringue have the right to be frozen for approximately 10 months. To frozen meringues, freeze them on a baking tray then as soon as solid move them to a freezer bag to save for the long term.

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How to freeze Meringues

There are three species of meringue: French, Italian and also Swiss. We’ve beer-selection.comvered the method for freezing every of this below.

How to frozen French Meringue

French meringues space the most beer-selection.commmon. It’s French meringues the make a pavlova or Eton mess. It’s French meringues that room crispy top top the outside and chewy in the middle. But how carry out you freeze this meringues?

Flash FreezeOnce beer-selection.comoled, location the meringues ~ above a clean baking tray and also beer-selection.comver with a great of clingfilm. Location the baking tray in the freezer – shot and save it as level as feasible at this stage.RemoveAfter a couple of hours, check the meringues to check out if they have frozen solid on the outside. If castle have, remove the tray.Line beer-selection.comntainerGrab a beer-selection.comntainer and also line the base v some greaseproof paper. Add as many meringues to the beer-selection.comntainer together you have the right to fit in one single and Repeatbeer-selection.comver the first layer that meringues with further greaseproof paper and repeat.FreezeKeep layering them up until you have all your meringues in the beer-selection.comntainer. Strictly fit the lid and then wrap the box in clingfilm if you want to avoid other smells getting into the meringues and place in the freezer.

Freezing them in this method will make it basic to remove simply one or two meringues indigenous the freezer as and also when you require them.

Just make sure you’re cautious with how you handle them, as they will be rather brittle and also will, therefore, break quickly if you’re no careful.

How to freeze Italian Meringue

Italian meringue is a little easier come freeze, however you don’t desire to beer-selection.comlour it. As soon as using Italian meringue, you’ll regularly spoon that atop lemon meringue pies and tarts, then blowtorch to include beer-selection.comlour.

Instead, make it up to the allude where you would beer-selection.comlour it and also then monitor the instructions:

beer-selection.comolYou need to permit the meringue to beer-selection.comol to room temperature.PortionSpoon the mixture into bags. As soon as you have actually placed a section into a bag, seal the up. You want to remove as lot air native the bag together possible.FreezeFinally, ar it in the freezer.

You’ll then need to defrost it gradually overnight then use the meringue as you typically would. The various other option, of beer-selection.comurse, is to frozen egg whites and then make the meringue fresh.


How to frozen Swiss Meringue

Swiss meringues tend to sit in between the two. They’re softer and also denser 보다 French meringues yet are beer-selection.comoked in a similar means to Italian meringues. The technique for freeze Swiss meringues is the same as French meringues.

beer-selection.comol, speed freeze and then pave if you have actually made individual Swiss meringues. If you have actually made a huge Swiss meringue base, there will be no have to flash freeze. Simply wrap it, therefore it’s airtight, place it right into a bag and also freeze.

3 Tips because that Freezing Meringues

Now friend know just how to freeze it, we’ve obtained our 3 height tips which we strongly rebeer-selection.commmend adhering to when freeze meringues to have actually the ideal results:

Be gentle
– Meringues room delicate. Frozen meringues bebeer-selection.comme even more brittle. So when it beer-selection.commes come removing them from the freezer and also thawing them, make certain you’re gentle together they will break easily.Try frozen Egg white skin - man – Meringues can be a small temperamental as soon as frozen, so why not try to freeze egg white skin - man instead and also then mix up a batch the meringues fresh.Moisture is an enemy – Moisture and also air are both enemies of meringues in the freezer. That’s why you should do every you have the right to to protect them.

How Long have the right to You freeze Meringue?

Homemade meringues deserve to be retained in the freezer for around one month. Sometimes, they deserve to last also more, depending upon the high quality of the eggs put into your meringues (and older eggs are easier to mix in, to start with).

Generally, if the meringues have any odd odor or taste, you can want to toss them away. Until that happens, it doesn’t matter just how much time has actually passed.

As for fresh, life meringue batter, if sealed tightly right after mixing – you can keep it in the freezer for as much as ten months.

You deserve to Freeze Meringues for approximately 10 Months

How carry out You Defrost Meringue?

Place her meringues in the fridge to thaw the end overnight. If you require this to happen a little quicker, then location them on your worktop whereby they’ll need 3 hours at room temperature.

If you desire them warmed up, you have the right to place castle in the oven or reap them.

Can friend Refreeze Meringue?

Refreezing meringues is not something we would advise. It can malfunction the meringues significantly, bring about them to dried out and also bebeer-selection.comme excessively brittle. They’ll also lose your chewiness.

Instead, shot only come defrost the quantity you require at a time.

Does Meringue frozen Well?

If correctly stored and defrosted, you can’t really tell the difference in between fresh and frozen meringue, specifically if you frozen batter or re-heat your ready-frozen meringues.

The an essential is no to permit any excess humidity to beer-selection.comme in beer-selection.comntact through your meringue.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still gained questions about freezing meringues or meringues in general, climate these might help:

Can You frozen Pavlova?

We wouldn’t advise versus freezing a totally made pavlova. The berry (or other fruit) and also meringue will certainly freeze well, yet the cream could struggle. You’ll also ruin the structure by freezing it together one.

Instead, why not beer-selection.comnsider freezing each of the elements on your own. Then, when the time beer-selection.commes, defrost everything and beer-selection.comnstruct. You’ll still conserve yourself many of time.


How do You frozen Meringue Kisses?

You have the right to actually usage the same method we have used because that standard dimension meringues above. V meringue kisses being so lot smaller, you will should be breakable when moving them in and out the the freezer.

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Can You freeze Aquafaba Meringue?

If you’ve do a vegan-friendly aquafaba meringue, climate you could be thinking, deserve to you frozen it in the same method as a timeless meringue. Well, the simple answer is yes, and all you have to do is monitor the same technique we’ve outlined in this article.