If you’ve been wondering how to properly adjust Wahl hair clipper blades, and how to reduced your very own hair with clippers for lengthy enough, you have actually undoubtedly proficient The Rattle quite a couple of times. If you’re brand-new – nothing worry, you’ll satisfy it soon enough. One day, your hair cutter will start violently shaking, huffing and puffing, rattling through its metallic blades.

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The Rattle boils down to one an easy fact: your hair clipper knives have end up being misaligned. And also you must do miscellaneous to solve them.

This unfortunately event, a part of any type of clipper user’s journey, isn’t restricted to a specific brand. Wahl hair clipper knives have the same chance of this happening to them together Oster’s, Andis, Remington’s…

Of course, skilled hair cut tools.


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So. You had actually a nice, sharp, properly cutting hair clipper blade. Now it won’t obey, baring its crooked metallic this at you. Cuts and also trims aren’t specific anymore and you’re scared of wounding yourself.

What have the right to you carry out to deal with that?

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before you start battling The Rattle
Adjusting your Wahl clipper blades in 3 easy measures
ease the screws
readjust the tongue by shifting it
Tighten the screws
trying to find Wahl clipper recommendations?
acquire the many Out of Your chisels
Wipe the chisels
Deep Clean

Before you begin battling The Rattle

As girlfriend might already know, ns a fan of Wahl experienced clippers. Their top quality doesn’t median you don’t obtain the usual misaligned blade from time come time, specifically if you usage them a lot. Luckily, the procedure of adjusting a Wahl clipper tongue is an extremely simple.

Prerequisite: please, clean your clipper blades before adjusting them. We’ve elaborated how essential that is before. In instance you’re unsure of how to clean her hair clippers thoroughly, head end to our extensive guide on clipper maintenance.

Also, if her model has actually a taper lever, move it upwards. This will placed it right into a “closed” position, prepared to be aligned. Now, ~ above the actual action.

Adjusting her Wahl clipper chisels in 3 simple steps

Loosen the screws

Fetch a screwdriver and also loosen the screws of your Wahl hair clipper blade. Save in mind that the number of screws counts on the model. Some Wahl clippers have actually only one screw; rather come with the timeless two tiny buddies.

You don’t desire to loosen them as well much, so be careful. Just test it the end while you’re functioning on the screws – you need them offering you enough room to perform tiny movements, nothing more.

Adjust the blade by moving it

Time for some fragile alignment! Paying especially close attention, gently change the blade. Wahl clipper chisels usually require your peak blade to be at approximately 1/32 customs (0.8mm) counter from the bottom blade. Don’t adjust them the other means around!

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Protip: stick a finger top top the bottom Wahl blade – it won’t move and also meddle this way. Run with the peak blade only, slowly and also precisely adjusting it come the 1/32 inch street you need. That shouldn’t take it you more than a few minutes – also if you’re specifically attentive.

Your overview should be the excessive left hand tooth on the peak Wahl blade. That position has to be right above the gap in between the two left hand teeth of the blade below.

Tighten the screws

Time to reclaim everything back to normal. However, you want to tighten the screws of your Wahl clipper chisels especially gently and slowly. If you carry out it in a rush or use too much force, her hair cutter’s chisels might obtain misaligned again.

Protip: alternate in between the left screw and the appropriate one (if your design comes through two screws, the is). This means you’ll balance castle out, eliminating risks of knives going wild again.

Finish off with some tongue oil. You needn’t more than 2-3 drops, simply a few to take care of her hair clipper blade’s glowing metallic health.

If you like a visual guide, this is Wahl’s official video on the matter:

The Rattle is a natural procedure of any type of hair clipper blade’s lifecycle. This holds particularly true if you have actually thick, outlet hair and a high volume of it. Hair cutter knives are generally high top quality if you choose the ideal brand and also model. However, there’s just so much they have the right to withstand prior to requiring your help for a quick fix.

Blade adjustment can differ throughout models, but generally it very closely follows the procedure I defined here. If you have doubts, always consult with Wahl’s main website.

If you’re a beginner and experience The Rattle – nothing panic! monitor this guide and align your Wahl clipper blades in just a few minutes. If you’ve been cutting your very own hair through clippers because that a lengthy time, you probably already know what to do. What’s vital is to save these tiny buddies sharp, strong, and also ready to cut-cut-cut some hair!

There’s so plenty of Wahl cutters to choose from the you might feel lost. As a ascendancy of ignorance on just how to properly readjust Wahl hair clipper blades, below are our standard references (links bring about our complete reviews on the details model):

Wahl’s 5 star Balding clipper for those of girlfriend who want smooth shaves for the slick bald look or bald fades.

Wahl 5 star cordless Magic clip because that fans the mobility, lightweight clippers and also a mix of classic cuts to add fades.

The renowned Wahl an elderly clipper because that those search true professional cutting devices with severe power, flexibility in regards to use and an symbol to Wahl’s high quality manufacture.

For any kind of other basic purposes, you have the right to consult with our miscellaneous clipper buyer guides.

Get the most Out of her Blades

Now the you’ve mastered just how to properly change Wahl hair clipper blades, you need to keep lock at your peak. Otherwise the Rattle will be a regular occurrence.

Here room a few tips to store your blades maintained because that a height performing clipper.

Wipe the Blades

This may seem favor such an noticeable thing come do, however truth be told many human being ignore the cleanliness of your blades.

Sure, they spray it with a disinfectant to stop bacteria, however they don’t provide it the clean up they yes, really need.

Wipe away any kind of hair before and also after every haircut come make certain that they room hair-free. Hair is acidic and will dull your blades. Dull blades reason friction to build up and that is negative news for a couple of reasons. It will make your blades heat up ending up being uncomfortable for her customer. It additionally causes the engine to work harder which will certainly strain it and also end increase shortening the life of her clippers.

Deep Clean

Once a month or for this reason you must do a deep clean on the blades to really gain them earlier to being practically brand new.

Your chisels are accumulating dead skin cells, salty sweat, hair styling products, and also other dirt and also grime. This develop up renders it hard for your blades to operation smoothly and also will eventually collection them off balance again.

Take a blade wash and also run the clipper blades through the while the clippers are on for about 20 seconds or so. Then wipe the blade down and collection it out to dry. Together the clippers space running, you will literally hear them increasing as the buildup of grime is gift removed.

Once your blades are dry, describe the section around oiling them.

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You get to benefit from my years of experience. I have reviewed many of the top hair clippers top top the industry today and additionally included some details on what works best for me. A good beard will certainly turn lots of heads in your direction.

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