Whenever i take my classic car for a drive, I just stop in coffee shops or restaurants where I could see the from the window, my friends think I’m a tiny paranoid however I don’t.

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So, space older cars simple to steal? Yes, older dare are very easy come steal. In 1991 vehicle theft peaked in the us at 1.7 million, and also it’s to be falling because that the critical 26 years, together of 2017 it’s under by 55%.

In this post you’ll learn how older cars are stolen, what we have the right to do to defend them, and how new technology is making contemporary cars much harder to steal, for this reason hard, in fact, it shows up owners space leaving the tricks in them.

Breaking right into An Old Car


Auto disabling an innovation has moved on fairly a bit, numerous cars have key-less entry and also push-button start. The vital code transmitter and receiver modern technology is still used however is much an ext sophisticated, it now uses a random code which as prior to must be well-known by the onboard computer.

Some specialists say it’s easier than ever prior to to steal a modern-day car. V the right hardware, software, and also depth of understanding you can unlock start, and also drive some of the recent cars remotely, and also when i say remotely I typical from anywhere there’s an web connection.

So are they secure? just as long as it takes the thef to catch up through technology, and also some have, they’re may be to record your keycode using an amplifying and also capturing device, the vital isn’t essential if they have actually the code.

According to NICB, between 2013 and also 2015 147,000 cars to be stolen due to the fact that the key fob to be left in the car, and that has actually jumped come 229,000 because that the 2016 to 2018 period, end 50% much more thefts through the vital fob.

How To defend Your standard Car

The truth is her classic automobile by definition will attract attention, therefore the best means to keep it for sure is with a layered mechanism of protection.

I fitted an ignition death switch (Dizzy switch) and took part time to uncover a discrete place to hide the switch. If your car is fuel injected you might fit a death switch to the fuel pump and hide it in a various location come the dizzy switch.

A rapid solution come disabling your old auto is to remove the fuel pump relay and coil wire, and also hope she’s quiet there once you get back.

Other solutions include fitting a tracking device, a remote battery disconnect relay, alarm system, brake pedal locks, steering locks, wheel clamps, hungry Rottweiler.

Related Questions

What’s a stolen building database? It’s a web-based database of all stolen property, you can post alerts and also offer rewards for your stolen items.

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What carry out thieves carry out with stolen cars? Typically steal cars are damaged down for parts, supplied for lamb raids or getaway cars, joyriding or re-plated and also sold.