I"ve been having actually trouble in search of ways come say "what happened", "what"s happening", and also "what will certainly happen" in beer-selection.com.

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I feeling it"s "Ce qui s"a passé", "Ce qui se passe", and also "Ce qui se passera".

Also, can someone settle interrogative futur simple sentence structure?


You were close - "Ce qui se passe" and also "Ce qui se passera" are both good, colloquial structures. Friend could also use "Ce qui va se passer" as an alternative.

"Ce qui s"a passé," however, is incorrect due to the fact that "se passer" is a reflexive verb, which means that in the past tense it uses "être."

So you acquire "Ce qui s"est passé" instead.

Now, if you room asking "What happened," "What"s happening," or, "What will happen?" friend will require to readjust those paragraph a small bit, using interrogative structure.

In the order girlfriend asked, you would certainly say:

"Qu"est qui s"est passé ?"

"Qu"est-ce qui se pasy ?"

"Qu"est-ce qui se passera ? / Qu"est-ce qui va se passer ?"

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