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How to say water in German: wasser

Learning German for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To to speak water in German: wasserSay it the end loud: “vah suhr

You deserve to learn how to say water and also over 220 various other travel-friendly words and phrases v our inexpensive, easy-to-use German language cheat sheets. Us can aid you make your next trip to another country even an ext fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some more helpful indigenous in our German Dining Basics,Drinks category:

...a glass that – ein glas von… (iyn glahz fon)...a liter that – einen liter von… (iyn ehn lee teh fon)...beer – bier (beeya)...red/white alcohol – rotwein / weißwein (rowt vine / vīys vine)beer / alcohol – bier /wein (beer / vine)beverage – trinken (trink in)bottled water – flaschenwasser (flah shen vah sur)business hours – geschäftszeiten (goo shefts zai ten)carbonated water – prickelnd (prih kelnd)casual restaurant – einfaches restaurant (iyn fahkus res tehr ahn)check – zahlen bitte (zahl en little bit tuh)coffee / tea – kaffe / tee (coffee / tea)grocery store – lebensmittelgeschäft (leh binz mittl geh sheft)hot water – heissem wasser (hi zem vah sur)marketplace – markt (markt)menu – menü (mih noo)no ice cream – kein eis (kine ice)restaurant – restaurant (res tehr ahn)service fee – bedienungsgeld (beh nee nohn sgelt)table for 2 – tisch für zwei (tish hair tsvy)tip – trinkgeld (trink geld)water – wasser (vah suhr)… a party of – eine flasche (iyn flah shay)….house alcohol – hauswein (hows vine)

And here’s how to speak water in other languages!

Arabic–Maa" (maah)Chinese–Shuǐ (Shway)Croatian–voda (vō duh)Czech–voda (VOE dah)Finnish–vesi (veh sih)French–eau (oh)German–wasser (vah suhr)Italian–acqua (ah kwuh)Japanese–Mizu (Mee Zoo)Korean–Mul (Mool)Polish–woda (vo da)Portuguese–Água (ah goo-ah)Russian–voda (vah dah)Spanish–agua (ah gwah)Swahili–maji (ma jee)Thai–Nam Plao (nahm plao)Turkish–su (suh)Vietnamese–Nước (Nuu-Uhk)

"water" (wasser), either for bathing, clean or drinking is one of those phrases girlfriend will want to learn in German. Other phrases are had in ours instant accessibility to the German Language Set.

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