The Hebrew word for the singular word “sister” is אָחוֹת, pronounced /ACHOT/.

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Generally, to pluralize a feminine noun in Hebrew, you add the sufdeal with –וֹת, pronounced /OT/.

Words ACHOT currently has actually an -OT ending though, in its singular form – so how do we pluralize it to say “sisters” in Hebrew? Is it ACHOTOT? ACHOTIM? ACHOTIS? I’ve seen all of these, and even more – yet none of them are correct. Don’t worry, in just a minute you’ll learn exactly how to say sisters in Hebrew, and have actually a better expertise of the “why” behind it. Prefer to watch? Check out the 60-second Hebrew video variation listed below.
Usually, when you have actually a Hebrew word that ends in a ת’’ו (Tav), it means: (1) the noun is probably feminine, and (2) to pluralize it, you’ll remove the last Tav, and include a יוֹת (-YOT) sufsolve. It’s not a perfect scientific research, but it comes pretty close. For instance:

TOCHNIT (תכנית) – plan; TOCHNIYOT (תכניות) – plansHIZDAMNUT (הזדמנות) – opportunity; HIZDAMNUYOT (הזדמנויות) – opportunitiesACHYANIT (אחיינית) – niece; ACHYANIYOT (אחייניות) – niecesYADIT (ידית) – handle; YADIYOT (ידיות) – handles

So exactly how DO you say sisters in Hebrew? It’s ACHAYOT (אחיות). There’s a slight adjust in the second vowel sound – from O to A (remember I sassist it’s not a perfect science?), however our -YOT sufresolve is there!


I desire to research Hebrew,Every history’s has written based in Hebrew.So,I have actually more exciting to the language.


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