-I"ll try-I"m trying-there is-are you-can you-like this (trying to part somebody something)-would you

Since you have the context/content of her sentences and also phrases, you can go come the "Translation" attach at the top of SD pages.

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All you have to do is go into your sentence or expression in English and then ask for it come be translated into Spanish.

You will receive 3 device translations i m sorry are relatively accurate. From my experience, the "Google" translations it seems ~ to be the best.

here"s a link to the translate in feature

If you listed the entirety context, it"d be less complicated to provide you the best answer.

I"ll shot - intentaré, lo intentaré, intentaré hacerlo

I"m make the efforts - Estoy intentando

there is - hay

are friend - estás, eres, está, es

can friend - sabes, sabe, puedes, puede

like this - como éste, como ésta, como esto

would girlfriend - right here the paper definition is no hope needed!

im soory issabela. I average like I'll shot to perform it tommorow , I'm make the efforts to deal with your website, over there is no an ext muffins, space you worried, have the right to you hand me the spoon, carry out it prefer this in this way, and also would you happen to recognize where a bank is located. Sorry. - antonio-reavis, JUN 13, 2010

That"s okay


I"ll shot to carry out it tommorow - Intentaré hacerlo mañana.

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I"m make the efforts to solve your website - Estoy intentando arreglar tu sitio web.

there is no more muffins - Ya no hay ningunas magdalenas

are you concerned - ¿Estás preocupado? /¿Estás preocupada? (You have the right to use Está for the usted form)

can you hand me that spoon - ¿Puedes pasarme esa cuchara? /¿Puede pasarme esa cuchara? (usted)

do it prefer this in this way - hazlo de esta manera, hazlo así / hágalo de esta manera, hágalo así (usted)

and would you happen to know where a bank is situated - ¿Sabes por casualidad dónde está un banco? / ¿Sabe usted por casualidad dónde está un banco?

updated JUN 13, 2010
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