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South Korea has a reputation for moving and also working fast. Quite much everything is done is a rapid manner and while it works a lot of times, it can also have its downsides. The words and also phrases because that ‘hurry up’ are shouted loudly ~ above a everyday basis here. We’ll teach you few of these unit volume now.

빠르다 (ppa-leu-da)

This is a beginner-level verb that means ‘to it is in fast’. Even though it means ‘to it is in fast’, it deserve to be used to median ‘hurry up’. You’ve more than likely heard the conjugated form often in daily speech, ‘빨리 빨리’. Korea is often called a ‘빨리 빨리’ country. Right here are part other an easy conjugations for this verb:

빨라요 (ppal-la-yo) = existing (declarative)

빨랐어요 (ppal-la-sseo-yo) = past (declarative)

빠를 거예요 (ppa-reul kkeo-ye-yo) = future (declarative)

Example sentences:

진짜 빠르다! (jin-jja ppa-reu-da) = You’re yes, really fast!

나는 빠른 음악을 좋아해. (na-neun ppa-reun eu-ma-geul jjo-a-hae) = i like quick music.

Now if you want to say hurry up, girlfriend would usage this verb prefer this:

빨리! (ppal-li) = hurry up!

빨리 해! (ppal-li hae) = hurry up and do it!

빨리 와! (ppal-li wa) = Hurry and come on!

빨리 타! (ppal-li ta) = Hurry and also get on! (a automobile like a vehicle or bus)

빨리 가! (ppal-li ga) = hurry up and go!

As you can see, girlfriend can combine this with numerous verbs to suggest someone requirements to rush or do something quickly.

서두르다 (seo-du-reu-da)

Next up, this native actually means ‘to hurry’. It’s additionally used fairly frequently and has a an ext urgent feeling to it. Girlfriend would use this as soon as you really, really desire someone to be fast. Nearly like you’re very frustrated through them. Below are the basic conjugations for this verb:

서둘러요 (seo-dul-leo-yo) = existing (declarative)

서둘렀어요 (seo-dul-leo-sseo-yo) = previous (declarative)

서두를 거예요 (seo-du-reul kkeo-ye-yo) = future (declarative)

The future type of this kind is miscellaneous you’ll seldom hear. Here are some examples:

우리 시간이 없어요. 서둘러 주세요. (u-ri si-ga-ni eop-sseo-yo. Seo-dul-leo ju-se-yo) = we don’t have actually time. Please hurry up.

서둘러! (seo-dul-leo-yo) = rush up!

서둘러! 버스가 오고 있어! (seo-dul-leo! beo-seu-ga o-go i-sseo!) = hurry up! The bus is coming!


급하다 (geu-pa-da)

Finally, we have this verb. It means to it is in urgent, pressing, or in a hurry. It’s most frequently used as soon as someone talks around needing to walk to the restroom in a hurry. Choose ‘서두르다’ the can likewise mean ‘hurry up’ in specific contexts. Right here are some straightforward conjugations because that this verb.

급해요 (geu-pae-yo) = present tense (declarative)

급했어요 (geu-pae-sseo-yo) = past tense (declarative)

급할 거예요 (geu-pal kkeo-ye-yo) = future tense (declarative)

And part examples:

걱정하지마. 나는 급하지 않아. (geok-jjeong-ha-ji-ma. Na-neun geu-pa-ji a-na) = Don’t worry. I’m no in a hurry (it’s not urgent).

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미안한데 나 진짜 급해. (mi-an-han-de na jin-jja geu-pae) = I’m sorry however I’m really in a hurry.

Did you understand them all? Don’t it is in in a hurry and make sure you research these carefully