Quick and easy accuse on just how to reset the oil maintenance required company reminder indicator light on Lexus IS250 models indigenous 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

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Close all doors, equipment to the park position.


Stop the car, revolve the ignition switch to the ON position.(press the power button 2x)Without touching the brake pedal.If the organization maintenance has actually not been reset, try turning the ignition on v your foot top top the brake.


Press the TRIP button, to display screen ODO.



Turn turn off the ignition.


Press and hold the expedition button, then turn the ignition On, save holding the expedition button till the 000000 is displayed on the screen.



Turn turn off the ignition, oil reset is complete.

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About Lexus IS250

The second-generation IS (codename XE20) was launched around the world in 2005 v V6-powered IS 250 (GSE20) and IS 350 (GSE21) sedan models, adhered to by a high-performance V8 sedan version, the IS F, in 2007, and coupé convertible versions, the IS 250 C and also IS 350 C, in 2008.The third-generation Lexus IS premiered in January 2013 and also includes the V6-powered IS 350 and also IS 250, turbocharged IS 200t/300, hybrid IS 300h and performance-tuned F sports variants.The IS designation stands for “Intelligent Sport”.In phibìc America, IS models marketed at launch included the IS 250 and also IS 350 sedans; in components of Europe, the IS models offered by Lexus had the IS 250 and also IS 220d sedans.In 2008, the IS line got a facelift, and the suspension and steering to be retuned for enhanced stability and also control.After three years with only one body style, the IS reverted with a 2nd body style, this time as a coupé convertible, ~ above 2 October 2008 once the IS 250 C debuted at the Paris engine Show.The IS convertible walk on revenue in Europe in 2009, in north America in might 2009, and an IS 300 C was also produced for specific regions.Building ~ above its “F Sport” line of parts and also accessories because that the IS 250/350, Lexus included factory-produced F sport IS models in 2010.This facelift also includes more interior updates for the IS line.Changes come the IS C include Intelligent Transport solution and committed Short selection Communication units come to be standard equipment.