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So I see there are a variety of ways of act this. These 2 it seems to be ~ to be the most popular. Do they carry out the exact same thing? Is one far better than the other? Thanks#1) Loosening positive terminal and touching that to an adverse side for 30 seconds#2) To appropriately reset it;Buckle driver seat belt.Remove fuse crate top and also look in ~ the bottom that it because that the PCM fuse.Remove it.Put in crucial and revolve it come START, not run, and hold the there till you listen 2 chimes.Remove key, change fuse and also fuse box top, close hood, unbuckle seat belt.Done, the PCM is completely reset.The 1st time you shot to start the engine the will hold-up for a 2nd or so, that is normal.
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I"ve always had success disconnecting the neg battery terminal, putting the vital in and transforming it to start and also holding that there for 15 seconds. Reconnect the neg cable and also start the truck. I"m walk to try # 2 increase there and see if walk anything various from what mine does.

Remove confident cable indigenous battery, ground hopeful cable to an unfavorable terminal because that at the very least 30 secs (I usually perform a complete minute). Reconnect hopeful terminal. Obtain in truck and also turn vital to ON, perform not start yet. Watch gauges do their dance until they stop, then begin the truck, PCM is fully reset.

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* just went over this a few weeks ago. Ns can"t uncover that thread however this was many of it that i saw..
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I eliminate my PCM fuse and also flip the crucial on-off-on-off-on and also wait. Ns dont choose pulling the battery cables since 1) I have two batteries and 2) you shed your HU settings and such