If you have trouble v a small outboard motor it can often be attributed to the fuel. David Parker defines how he beer-selection.comnserved a many money with a careful strip-down and clean that the carburettor


Changing the fuel helped yet did not fix the problem, and the engine still would certainly not idle. I then found a gasket lying in ~ the bottom of the engine bay which explained why the carburettor leaked badly once I to adjust the motor tiller next down

It just took me a few trips of rowing my trusty soft up the liven River Hamble to my main boat to do me realise exactly how much i missed the beer-selection.comnvenience and also ease of my tiny outboard engine. Regrettably it had arisen a gearbox problem that was no going to be straightforward to fix.

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A girlfriend kindly borrow me a Honda 2hp to tide me over, however I never ever feel beer-selection.commfortable borrowing various other people’s equipment. I beer-selection.comnstantly worry something can happen to it, therefore I made decision I needed to sort myself out v a instead of engine nice quickly.

However, the turned the end to it is in a little bit of a case of ‘buy in haste, repent in ~ leisure’. I observed an advert because that a Suzuki DF2.5 ~ above the Isle that Wight, the exact same lightweight engine as I’d had actually before. So ns made a little bit of a rushed pilgrimage over in our Seaward 23 to watch it. Now, although it is only a brief crossing, Solent waters can obtain pretty frisky (as beer-selection.comuntless readers will know), and this was among those days.


Old or dirty fuel can regularly be a trouble with outboards, but I hadn’t seen any type of quite favor this before. The was full of debris which would certainly soon gain stirred up with any movement

In fact, things got so lively that water from tide breaking over the watercraft was forcing itself with the wheelhouse windows, and the thumping us got also left a cabin light hanging under by its wires below. The signalling horn also got together a drenching it would not work again afterwards and essential to be replaced.

There to be very few boats out, and on the radio we even heard a Mayday being dubbed in, therefore by the time my son and I acquired to watch the engine i was keen beer-selection.comme buy it and also get ago again. I should have been much more cautious, due to the fact that the engine would not idle properly and also the seller appeared to have to rev the excessively to keep it from cut out.

However, the engine was only 4 years old, and although the tank had been topped increase with brand-new fuel us agreed the it must have actually been old fuel in the carburettor causing the problem. Ns should have investigated the problem an ext thoroughly, but I handed over the cash and we set off again.

Problems persisted v the engine once we obtained it back. That still wouldn’t idle and also had to be revved excessively to keep it going. This intended you had to be very careful just how you throttled back enough to beer-selection.commmunicate drive so girlfriend did not damages the gearbox.

beer-selection.comntinues below…


Also, as soon as I laid the tiller side down and petrol leaked almost everywhere the boots of the car, ns kicked myself again for not checking the motor much more thoroughly. It was then that i took a look inside the fuel tank because that the first time. The fuel had serious deposits of dirt in it, and also the tank would need to be beer-selection.commpletely cleaned out.

Then miscellaneous else caught my eye lied in the bottom of the engine beer-selection.commpartment: it to be a gasket native the carburettor, therefore no wonder this engine had actually leaked fuel all over the place. Plainly the carburettor had been removed at some point, so not only had it been mistakenly refitted, the reason for the strip-down suggested this engine had actually had much more problems 보다 I’d been mindful of.

Changing the fuel and also refitting the gasket aided the running and beginning of the engine, however it still refused to idle. Phone call calls and visits to assorted dealers unfortunately didn’t melted a many light top top the problem, and one said I would more than likely need a brand-new carburettor. An additional said the carburettor can be ultrasonically cleaned, but if the didn’t job-related I would certainly then need a brand-new carb – so potentially a invoice with work of over £160.

I take it the engine away and also did fairly a little of research study online and on beer-selection.comurt such together beer-selection.beer-selection.comm leader to reader forum, gathering details bit by bit. Many tiny outboard carburettors share features in beer-selection.commmon, and also one that the most beneficial things I disbeer-selection.comvered was also being able beer-selection.comme download a parts diagram for this one which was not included in the simple service manual.

Anyway, ~ a lot of trial and also error I had the ability to cure the trouble myself. Here’s what i did.

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Removing the Carb

To inspection the problem further, the carb required to be removed


First the choking cable required to it is in disbeer-selection.comnnected by publication a tiny plastic clip and then lifting out the throttle cable rod


It was much easier to disbeer-selection.comnnect the fuel pipeline from the fuel insanity end. Once unclipped the pipe is a push-fit, and also the finish can then be eased off


The accelerator cable is beer-selection.comnnected by a locking screw on optimal of the carburettor. Because adjustments may be forced on refit, make appropriate notes (eg cable tail lengths) or take photos of something you remove to do refitting of beer-selection.comntents a small easier.