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My father has actually a 1960s BSA .30-06 bolt action rifle. Us cannot figure out just how to remove the bolt. We tried every the noticeable stuff, pulling the trigger, etc, however to no avail. In fact, i have had actually a real hard time finding any information around these rifles at all on the internet. It may be a majestic or Featherlight model, but there is no model noting on the rifle other than:Made in England; BSA; Eagle Arms, NY NY, it likewise has one English proof mark, the BSA "tri-pod" emblem.Any ideas?

thanks Wello, however that is not correct. There is no tang.My Dad finished up phone call a regional gunsmith through a great reputation, who claimed "You should remove the stock", i m sorry is what we finished up doing last time. Not very convenient if you want to bore vision your new scope.In the event anybody stumbles across this thread with the very same issue, right here is the answer, which I gained from mine Dad in an e-mail today:
So I"m killing a tiny time in ~ Fisherman"s maritime while Mom and also Lilly room shopping in ~ Michael"s once I espy a tome licensed has been granted "Modern Firearms" and also decide to check out if they have actually anything to say around BSA rifles. They did; under "disassembly" the my form of action it claims "to eliminate the bolt, on slide it halfway earlier and then, pushing the trigger forward HARD, on slide the bolt out." it works! They additionally pointed the end a small allen-head screw ~ above the create that allows you to set the cause pull. For this reason there. Now I wonder if I should share this information with the gunsmith at XXXXX & XXXXX or simply let the blunder top top in ignorance
Bolt action Rifles -ISBN : 0-87349-660-4 open minded de Haas 4 th edition-page 210 B.S.A. Rifles .It"s quite easy . Open the activity while pushing tough on the earlier side that the create blade. You might have to run the bolt back and forth a couple of times while putting pressure on the back side the the cause to gain the bolt the end .Send me a pm if girlfriend still have problems with this.Glenn

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