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I was given and also old 20ga that has actually rust on it. I wanted to sand it done myself and have who re-blue it however I to be told that would certainly cost roughly $100. Shotgun isnt even worth that(Western field model 149). He claimed I could shot that cold bluing kit yet from his endure it sucked.So room there any kind of cheap choices to refinish the gun and have the last?
How rusty? you need to not shot to damage the petina the the gun by sanding the down.That said, navy Jelly is supposed to remove the blue. Most cold blues will work-related well v multiple applications top top a clean and sandblasted barrel. I think Perma-Blue is what many will recommend. Examine personnal experience, continue to be away indigenous the paste type of blueing. The sucks.

Its rusted pretty good. Ns took part 0000 steel wool and gun clean oil to the finish of it. I obtained the rust knocked down however I have the right to still see splotches where the rust was. Im pretty certain Im gonna have to have the sandblasted and sand it smooth then blu it to do it look at nice.

i dont know around the pitting mine buddy provided the cold blue kit top top his shotgun it came out pretty an excellent awhell simply powdercoat it black
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