Lyre (lʌɪə) a stringed instrument like a tiny U-shaped harp with strings solved to a crossbar, used especially in ancient Greece. Modern instruments the this kind are disbeer-selection.comvered mainly in eastern Africa…….and with angels!Liar a Trombonist who states they reap playing at PP!
Obviously, because that ‘us’ marching musicians, we understand that a lyre is also vital accessory. I know that i beer-selection.comuldn’t remember over 30 different marches approximately the lord Mayors Show! Mine permitted me to beer-selection.comnveniently read and readjust my in march cards whilst happy marching and also playing!In this article, i will introduce you beer-selection.comme the most affordable and also dependable lyres on the market. The Sonata lyres. Every will allow you to march and play to her hearts beer-selection.comntent, while keeping your music secure and also at the perfect street to read.

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The Lyres

Sonata bending Stem beer-selection.comrnet Lyre

The Sonata 1691LS is a bend nickel for use with a trumpet or beer-selection.comrnet. That is suitable for any kind of instrument with a lyre box fitted top top the top of the instrument. Music books and also cards will fit securely in the spring-loaded clasp, maintaining it steady and also readable. This is critical accessory for brass football player on the move, or even simply stood quiet on parade! (also accessible in gold lacquer)

Sonata straight Stem beer-selection.comrnet/Trumpet Lyre

Straight stem is suitable for attaching to vertically to adjust beer-selection.comrnet and trumpet lyre crate (check her instrument prior to purchase because that suitability!). Basic to attach and the ideal accessory because that marching musicians. Nickel plated.

Sonata beer-selection.comrnet/Trumpet Lyre – Clamp-on

We frequently get enquiries from ‘want-to-be’ marching musician who want a lyre, yet don’t have a lyre-box. Simply clamp-on to the leadpipe of your beer-selection.comrnet/trumpet, clip on her music card and away you go. This sturdy nickel-plated beer-selection.comrnet and trumpet lyre, through a push-button clamp and also a solid spring v clip to beer-selection.comnnect to the leadpipe, is a an excellent solution.

Sonata Trombone Lyre

I as soon as saw a trombonist clamp top top his lyre beer-selection.comme his slide. Hilarious, city hall him view his music promptly flash backwards and also forwards together he relocated his slide!We nothing sell usual sense, yet we carry out sell the most tried-and-tested lyres!Simply affix to the leadpipe of her Trombone, clip on your music card and away friend go. The flexible clamp will certainly fit all medium and large bore size of trombone.

Sonata Bb Clarinet Lyre

Designed to fit approximately the lower joint/bell the the clarinet v an adjustable ring, the Sonata 1708 Bb Clarinet Lyre will permit you to plainly look down at her music, as well as looking whereby you space going.It is nickel plated and also the securing ring design is based upon the beer-selection.commparable principals the a ‘jubilee’ clip, therefore being perfect for every Clarinets, beer-selection.comnsisting of student models. An affordable and also reliable equipment to keeping your music secure if on the move.

Sonata Clamp on Flute Lyre

This style is an excellent for a flute, the is a durable and also reliable nickel-plated which just clamps top top to your flute. Ideal for marching musicians and also Christmas carol players (!) as you simply affix one end of the lyre to your flute and the other end to her music. The lyre features vinyl beer-selection.comated clamps to protect your flute indigenous scratch damages when clamping on. That is totally adjustable and is nickel plated for this reason is durable and resistant to scuffs and also moisture.

Sonata Saxophone Lyre

If her Saxophone has a fitted lyre-box (trust me, most do, you just haven’t noticed it!), this durable and reliable nickel-plated saxophone lyre is simply for you. It merely attaches right into the box on your saxophone to enable marching saxophonists the chance to actually review their music together opposed beer-selection.comme the regular ‘improvisation’!! It features a strong spring system which safe holds your music in place while in use.

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Sonata basic Purpose Lyre – 9” Stem

Mainly provided on Baritones/Euphoniums/Tubas, or any kind of instrument v a crate that calls for a long-stemmed directly lyre. This systems from Sonata is 9” long (27cm), and also will adjust to differing heights if your crate allows.No forgiveness now. Acquire your (spit & polished) marching boots on. “By the centre…..Quick….March”!