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Have you ever wondered what you must say to your friends to wish them a happy Chinese new Year?

Perhaps did you do it heard well-wishers say points like ‘gong hei fat choy’ or a comparable greeting and also wondered it meant?

Just because that the rebeer-selection.comrd, ‘gong hei fat choy’, as one of the most commonly uttered greetings, go not mean ‘happy brand-new year’ in ~ all.

So if she in need of some handy CNY greetings to say to your Chinese friend or just want to get in ~ above the action, right here are few of the points you beer-selection.comuld to speak on February 12 (and nothing worry around getting the wrong – your friends will certainly appreciate the you’ve tried).

What does ‘gong hei fat choy’ mean?

Saying ‘gong hei fat choy’ is not the very same as speak ‘happy Chinese brand-new Year’ and if you’ve believed otherwise, the time to stop.

Although the greeting is frequently offered at this time of the year, it actually delivers a wish for prosperity – i.e. She bestowing the wish the your receiver bebeer-selection.commes affluent in the year ahead.

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It’s really appropriate because that those in organization so it’s more frequently used when greeting your occupational beer-selection.comlleagues or service partners throughout Chinese new Year.

‘Gong hei fat choy’ is the Cantonese means of speak the phrase and also in Mandarin Chinese, the ‘gong xi fa cai’ (pronounced gong she fa tsai).

FYI, it’s no a hard and fast rule yet Cantonese is generally talked in Guangdong (formerly recognized as Canton) and surrounding areas, and Hong Kong.

But in other places in mainland China and also Taiwan, Mandarin Chinese is typically spoken.

How to say Happy brand-new Year in Chinese

So you’ve been saying ‘gong hei fat choy’ all this time and now you must know exactly how to really say happy Chinese brand-new Year.

Well, there room three main ways and the one you use is a issue of preference.

Happy Chinese new Year is ‘xin nian’ (new year) ‘kuai le’ (happy) in Mandarin, and it’s express shin nee-an kwai le (as in the French le).

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This one is rather formal and also it’s perfect because that strangers or acquaintances.

You can likewise use a shorted version, which is ‘xin nian’ (new year) ‘hao’ (good), i m sorry is pronounced shin nee-an how.

This is more than likely the one you’d desire to speak to her friends and family.

A third greeting is ‘guo’ (spend) ‘nian’ (year) ‘hao’ (good), i beg your pardon is pronounce gor nee-an how, and also it’s an excellent on the job or quickly after.

Spring festival

Chinese new Year is additionally known together ‘chun jie’, or feather festival, so you can also wish your friends a happy new year that way.

So rather of saying ‘xin nian kuai le’ because that example, you would say ‘chun jie’ (spring festival) ‘kuai le’ (happy), i beg your pardon is about pronounced chwen jee-eh kwai le.

And similarly, ‘xin nian hao’ have the right to bebeer-selection.comme ‘chun jie hao’ – pronounced chwen jee-eh how.

‘Guo nian hao’ can likewise be changed with ‘guo jie hao’, pronounce gor jee-eh hao. This one can also be offered for other festivals.

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