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My JD 8100 has sat for a month or three, and would not start. Thought was the fuel had actually bled earlier from the fuel pump. It has happened before.

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Usually fixed by bleeding air out of the system, as defined in the book. Turn an essential on, open up bleed plug on the left of the fuel filter on right hand side of rear of engine, operate priming pump on the injector pump until an air totally free flow the fuel is obtained. Near the bleed plug, and also operate hand pump till slight push is felt.

Done this - however no go! every I have the right to see the I have actually not done "by the book" is organize the priming pump under while close up door the bleed plug.

Is this mine problem? Or is there an ext I must do?

Waxed the filters last winter, and can"t mental having any kind of problem bleeding and also getting going through two new filters.

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Thanks in advance!


Update - The JD 8100 is walk again.!Figures together filtershad no done countless hours, the think on leaking "O" rings lead me to check all relationships on the fuel lines.1. Where the fuel pipeline goes right into the priming pump, the fitting was moveable by hand - a 1/4 turn tighter on the nut resolved that one.2. ~ above the water filter, the heat from the fuel tank was additionally moveable by hand, yet the nut to be "bottomed out". Traction it off, and also it is just a compression ring on a straight pipe, no flaired fitting, or "olive", simply a rubber ring!Faced through a fifty percent hour each way drive to the nearest JD dealer ora little bit of lateral thinking, i drilled a fuel pipe sized feet in a little of plastic chemical bottle, and also then trimmed it come fit within the nut, offering the nut more compression top top the ring as it tightened.Primed the air out of the this time, fight the keyand itfired on all 6 after a couple of seconds.

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