I have actually a PSP sitting around and also I was wondering if I can play PS2 games on it. I'm feather around and also I cant find anything, simply really shady sources.

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Thank you all for her responses, I'm fairly new to all this so sorry if i acted dumb. However I appreciate the explanation!

Don't be fear to ask inquiries here, and it wasn't really the dumb of a question, especially because it started up part pretty amazing discussion.

No way in hell.

Granted the PS2 had 32mb the RAM and also later revisions of the PSP had actually 64mb, yet the CPU in a PS2 is much more complicated, it have the right to write an ext instruction's faster, it has a GPU, handles 5.1 surround sound... The Vita doesn't even play PS2 games.

Also, the PSP emulates one N64, the is no playable. It working and it being perfect space two different notions, no to mention the N64 is magnitudes weaker than a PS2.

If you've got a semi-decent computer, you might probably run a couple of games via PCSX2.

The only "Ps2" games you're gonna be able to run ~ above PSP are the very couple of low top quality ports that PS2 games that exist.

Where would certainly you was standing on the gamings ported to ps2 from psp? eg the GTA story (and i think 1 Prince the Persia game) always wondered what civilization preferred

No method unfortunately. It's no as basic as the specs, as emulation calls for you to emulate the yes, really hardware the the target console, which has actually its own computer overhead. It's why something like Higan (Accurate SNES emulator) needs hardware numerous times much more powerful than the really SNES.

Though PSP games may look at close in terms of graphics come the PS2, they're to run natively therefore there's not the emulation overhead (which is the most demanding part).


You usually need a more powerful device to emulate a weaker machine, in order to accurately emulate a machine fully accurately it requirements to be number of thousand times stronger.

Of course, most emulators can't purchased to it is in this accurate as result of the hardware gift fairly complicated and our hardware no being an effective enough.

The solution are medium accuracy emulators that can run on modern machines while offering a fairly an excellent experience and also a high (but no perfect) compatibility rate.

But friend still require a machine that's number of times more powerful 보다 the initial hardware to run, and here is wherein your trouble lies.

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The PSP is weaker than the PS2, there's yes, really nothing you have the right to do, the PSP will certainly never have the ability to emulate the PS2 under any kind of situation, ever.