There space a couple of things the could reason your Audi\"s gas door to get stuck closed. Check out on come learn just how to diagnose and fix this issue.

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This article uses to the Audi A3, A4 B7/B8, A6 C5/C6, Q5, and Q7.

Imagine needing gas in her Audi, yet your fuel door won\"t open. Girlfriend may have actually the money, you may be in ~ the gas station, however without opening this door, your automobile won\"t be getting any type of fuel. There space a few things the could cause your gas door to acquire stuck. This guide will assist you in diagnosing the issue and getting to the bottom the it. Check out on to discover why your gas door won\"t open.

Step 1 – Unlock the car

The doors could be locked, which method the fuel door is locked.

As a habit, some world tend to lock their cars before going to the pump or right into the gas terminal to pay. If your doors room locked, her gas door will gain locked. This is a safety function which stays clear of thieves from altering your gas tank and stealing your fuel. Simply unlock her doors, then open your gas door to to fill your auto up.

Figure 1. Usage your fob to unlock your vehicle doors and also the fuel door, too.

If this isn\"t the issue, proceed to action 2.

Step 2 – Clean lock mechanism

It could be dirty.

Remove the liner ~ above the behind wheel that\"s ~ above the very same side the the gas door, then find the gas door locking mechanism. When you eliminate the liner out of the way, girlfriend will watch a tiny rubber item that looks like a pencil eraser. Press on it and the gas door will open. Walk around and grease the rubber piece. End time, the rubber piece collects dirt and also grime until it it s okay to the suggest where it it s okay stuck. Some grease must solve your issue.

Figure 2. Rubber item on door locking mechanism.

If the rubber piece is greased up and also the door tho won\"t open, continue to action 3.

Step 3 – examine electrical connection

It can be disconnected.

The electrical connection for the fuel door button on some Audi\"s isn\"t secured well. ~ above the next of the gas door, remove the dashboard from the stems to situate the electrical harness. Make sure the electrical harness is connected. Number of forum enthusiasts asserted they discovered it disconnected, which brought about a stuck fuel door.

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Figure 3. Make certain this electric harness is connected.

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