Any work-related on the engine or oil change or if you want to access your car’s grille you have to do it by opening the hood. The latch or cable of your hood failed? nothing know exactly how to open the hood of your car? Well, this is a frustrating scenario countless of us face. Ignoring an easy problems might well bring about bigger problems. You can easily solve this. Friend just need to be a small patient and know a few tricks to get that hood instance under control. Over there is no point in wrestling v the hood of your car, you may even damage the car or worse the hood ornament if you have any. Below are a few tips on just how to open the hood of the car with a fail latch.

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One typical problem the occurs is the the hood doesn’t open properly if the cable in between the hood and latch is difficult or extended in part way. At that minute you need to press down on the hood when someone rather is pulling the internal latch. The hoods are designed come disengage once the latch is traction so as soon as you collection it in place and it opens the hood will shift and pop open up slightly. Then you have the right to just traction the exterior latch an essential and open up the hood.


When you check out your hood isn’t functioning then girlfriend can shot finding the inner latch vital wire. If you pull it and see what happens. If the hood opened up up typically then the cable or latch must have actually slipped or gained displaced. If the latch is damaged or broken you have to replace it, this seldom happens. Or if you view that that just got displaced you can easily readjust it from the front-end.

If you feeling no anxiety at every then the cable has been severed from the latch and you won’t be able to do anything with this method.


If you can’t open the hood through the previous two methods then you require to strategy the latch from another angle. At this point, you may need come probe under the hood that the car. If you space lucky climate you will have the ability to see the latch with the grille. Use a flashlight and also a little mirror to uncover a tiny hook-shaped thing inside.

In plenty of cars there the internal latch can be discovered in the driver side fender well. If that is the case then remove the inner fender well from the driver’s side. After the reach in for the cable the the latch and then pull. The hood will open up as long as the latch wire is tho attached and has no been severed.


You deserve to trip the latch to have the hood pop open. Because that this, girlfriend would require a long thin screwdriver and then begin poking indigenous under the hood to uncover the latch. If over there is no method to insert a screwdriver then usage a cable coat hanger. As soon as you find the latch tug top top it and the hood must open.

You deserve to open up her grille come have far better access to the latch. Also removing and also replacing a non-removable grille can be much less expensive than taking your vehicle to the mechanic. Obviously, the cost depends on her car and also its model.

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The last thing you can do is to strategy it from under the hood. With under the hood v pliers and try to discover the latch. After the tug on it lightly and also the hood must open up. Now, you have to never shot this once you have actually just supplied your car. Give it a few hours come cool off. Once you space doing this use a jack was standing to jack her car. This offers you a far better vantage point and friend can access it better.

Last Hope



If friend still can’t acquire it to open up then ns sorry there is nothing an ext you can do. You should take it to the mechanic. If you shot doing something climate you also cause more damage. When you room at the mechanic friend can also fix the little problems or even have the coveted hood ornament placed. Girlfriend will be able to find a lot of auto body parts in wholesale also with amazing discounts. For this reason make certain you space prepared when going come the mechanic. Girlfriend wouldn’t desire to make continual trips to the mechanic now do you?