Maybe you have actually heard that tomato blossom collection spray and also arewondering exactly how it works. If you arehaving a difficult year gaining fruit on her tomato plants, climate you are more than likely alsowondering when and also how to usage it.

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So, just how does tomato blossom collection spray work? Tomatoblossom set spray works by offering kinetin, i m sorry is a cytokinin hormone, topromote fruit production from the flower on a tomato plant. Tomato blossom set spray can additionally work onother usual garden vegetables, consisting of beans, cucumbers, eggplants, melons,okra, peppers, strawberries, and also grapes.

Of course, there space some options you can shot beforeyou go through tomato blossom collection spray, which fine discuss.

First though, let’s acquire into how tomato blossom collection sprayworks and when to usage it. Then, we’lllook in ~ the different methods you have the right to use to get fruit native the flowers onyour tomato plants.

How walk Tomato Blossom collection Spray Work?

Tomato blossom collection spray, or blossom set hormone, is aliquid that is injected on the flowers and leaves that tomato plants. This liquid urges tomato plants to producefruit from your flowers.

Most tomato tree will develop ripe fruit 7 to 14 weeks ~ transplanting right into the garden (it have the right to take 25 an ext days as soon as planted indigenous seed).

In general, tomato plants develop fruit 7 to 14 mainly (49 to98 days) after transplant right into the garden.It bring away 25 days longer (74 come 123 days) to acquire fruit once growingtomato plants from seed.

For more information, inspect out my article on once a tomato tree produces fruit.

Remember that cold temperature can delay fruiting ~ above tomatoplants v flowers, periodically by 10 come 14 days.

According come the college of Maryland Extension, “tomato flowers need to be pollinated within roughly 2 days of becoming viable or they will certainly abort” (eventually dropping off the plant).

With this in mind, you might want to begin using tomatoblossom collection spray ~ trying other methods (such together encouraging bees andother pollinators and also manual pollination by toothbrush or various other means).

A tomato plant will certainly only produce so plenty of flowers, and youdon’t desire it to waste too much power on creating flowers just to dropthem. If you have actually seen flowers drop offover a period of 2 come 3 weeks v no fruit appearing, then think about using yourtomato blossom set spray.

There is one other thing to store in mind: sometimes, youwill get big tomato plants, but no flower or fruit. This can happen when there is too muchnitrogen in the soil.

This extreme nitrogen motivates “green” expansion on theplant, giving you a higher plant with thicker vines and branches. However, this green growth comes in ~ theexpense the flowers and fruit.

For an ext information, check out this short article on tomato growing challenges from the university of Arizona Extension.

If you suspect that you have the difficulty of as well muchnitrogen in your soil, try using a low-nitrogen fertilizer come encourage flowersand fruit on your tomato plant.

For an ext information, examine out my write-up on low-nitrogen fertilizers.


By now, you have a great idea of just how tomato blossom set spray works. You also know as soon as to usage it, and what choices are available before you select this method to obtain tomatoes.

You might additionally want to read my write-up on just how to do tomato plants produce an ext fruit.

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