There’s not a lot information about the certain technologies of plate armor craftsmanship. But still we have various resources from that time such as illuminated manuscripts (medieval illustrations where we deserve to check out a craftsman doing his work) and descriptions of specific forging tools .

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According to those historical resources tbelow was a structure to the work organization of blacksmiths and various other create employees. Each of them was involved in a details part of armor manufacturing.


One exceptionally amazing manumanuscript is composed of a list of Germale blacksmiths that functioned in Greenwich in the XVI century. Tright here we deserve to review around just how different craftsmen did different work: some of them forged the steel plates and developed the form of armor, while polishers only did the finishing work-related of sprucing up, and also locksmiths set up buckles and also loops on armor. Throughout the XV century, Milanese blacksmiths, known global for their Milanese armor, had actually an also deeper department of job-related. One craftsguy would certainly make only one or perhaps a tiny selection of armor parts which would certainly then help write a finish collection. Additionally, many type of workshops had actually their own specialists in engraving, incruterminal, and gilding.

Until the XVII century, steel plates were mostly made from metal blocks. Blacksmiths offered a special hummer which was moved via the aid of a water-powered system. It was rare to see a hand also hammer in usage. According to historic resources, in roughly 1500 in Germany type of craftsguys employed a special steel roller; an approach of making steel sheets which became well-known all over Europe.

Steel sheets had actually to be reduced according to trends of armor parts: steel legs, steel arms, spaulders, greaves, sabatons, cuirass, helmets. Then blacksmiths began to make the shape of the certain piece of devices with the help of one-of-a-kind steel create templates. They looked choose many type of different anvils resolved vertically.

Cold forging was used to acquire a simple form for the armor. But some parts such as curved edges or “ribs” can be done only by heating and also tempering.

After all steel aspects of the future armor were shaped, forged and hardened, the next – and many tough – action arrived: gathering all the parts together and also adjusting them to fit.

This was a really vital procedure, given that completed armor should have no gaps, must be comfortable to wear, unrestrictive, and also articulated. And the most crucial for the knight of the Center Ages – his armor must safeguard him as much as possible during the plenty of medieval battles.


Once the adjustment of the armor is completed, what next? Polishing, polishing, polishing. A polisher supplied not only his very own hands for this task, however additionally a distinct mechanism; a type of abrasive wheel powered by water.

If the armor had to be decorated through engraving or incrustation, it went to the engraver’s hands. Jewelers also had a component to play if the customer was really rich and noble.

The last few steps left before armor is fight (or possibly parade?) all set. At the finish of the armor production procedure, the locksmith had to affix all the buckles, loops, and also fastenings. Quite regularly, armor had actually a linen spanning on the inner side which had to be attached. The completed armor was proudly “signed” with the note of the craftsguy.

Nowadays modern blacksmiths usage some of the methods of medieval blacksmith craftsmanship. But creating HMB and also IMCF armor is not only around medieval procedures yet also a expertise of basic electrical tool work-related.

The Battle of the Nations or WMFC call for height quality armor; both in regards to the historicity of the armor and also its protective characteristics, which should match each other.

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In our workshop you’ll uncover tempered steel armor, titanium armor, pincluded stuff, and many kind of other things you’ll must begin on your journey of medieval armored full contact fighting.