Okay, so if you’re in the game of wanting to make a specific guy jealous; there are most likely three plausible factors for that.

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Let’s view if I’m acquiring warm…

Reason one: it’s your ex-boyfriend and also you’re desperately trying to show him the gem he lost upon leaving girlfriend by having actually some flirty fun time.

Reason two: You’re in a relationship yet there’s this consistent feeling of gift taken for granted and also you need him to watch that it’s not going come fly and also that you’re perfectly capable of getting any type of dude you want (should the require arise).

And finally, reason three: You’re crushing (hard) ~ above this hot guy approximately the block and also you desire to check out if the feeling is possibly reciprocated through making the jealous and seeing his reaction to your flirt-session with one more guy.

Whichever one it is, make certain to know exactly what your end goal is and don’t break any type of (unwritten) rules in the meantime.


but mostly, just have fun and also flirt her ass off!

All that the instances over are legit factors to interact in some innocent flirting, for this reason flaunt your gorgeous legacy to get the reaction (and can be fried result) the you’re after.

Sometimes, all that men need is a small reality check and a wake-up call to shake their ground because that a bit.

If it’s your boyfriend, maybe it’s time come let him check out a girl choose you doesn’t just loss from the sky and it’s time to present him just how you expect to be treated.

And it NEVER harms to show your ex-boyfriend what a large loss dumping girlfriend was!

A break-up sucks however there are methods to make an ex jealous that will lug you part much-needed funny after your heartbreak.

Ready to have actually some fun?


The great thing right here is that there space copious methods to do a male jealous and also have your funny in the sunlight without harming her mental health and wellness or hurting everyone in the procedure (other than his ego).

You can use social media to your advantage or use his man friends in a clever yet fully harmless way!

There’s texting (which I’ll sophisticated on in later on parts), utilizing Snapchat, and also befriending his best friend come play mind gamings with him!

And there room a bunch that other small things that will increase your self-esteem while help you see what a guy wants simply to cleverly use them against him.

You can hurt his ego by an altering your plan last minute and make sure your boyfriend feels what it’s like when the duties are reversed.

change your haircut into his favorite layout after the break-up, which he won’t recognize is a big deal, but trust me—it will certainly be!

If your goal is to make her boyfriend jealous to view that you’re not to it is in messed with, I’ve obtained you covered.

If you want to discover your best self when making your ex jealous, there’s lot of of choices there too!

And if you want to start dating a guy you’ve had your eye on for rather some time, there space surefire methods to accomplish that too.

Making a man jealous deserve to be at sight fun, as long as you monitor the rules of the game and don’t rest your very own heart in the process.

A lot the guys simply need a tiny reminder the the sort of mrs they’re dealing with and you’re about to serve him just that!

And this is exactly how you’re walking to perform that. Browse through these tremendous ideas and also find those the work finest with your plan and also current situation.

Do specifically as you’re instructed and you’ll be getting yours in no time! and also if you don’t, at least you’ll understand the guy is honestly not worth the bother.

You success either way! currently let’s gain cracking.

1. Look favor a million bucks


What’s the best way to make any guy jealous? by looking choose a freaking goddess!

And that’s specifically what you’re going come do. And the finest part? You’re going come FEEL favor the queen that the civilization while act what you intended—making him jealous to the bone.

This is all around you. Indulge in some retail therapy; choose up your ideal friend and have some funny while recharging your batteries and also spending time together!

While you’re shopping, getting a brand-new haircut and splurging v your girl, you’ll forget all about that guy’s name, ns promise!

At least for a minute and also that counts because that something, right?

Added bonus—take a male friend v you and also make certain to crack a selfie and also post that on society media if you feel choose it.

That will absolutely get his blood pumping, particularly if the doesn’t even know the guy.

So basically, you’ll be investing in yourself, feeling choose a goddess in the process, spending quality time with a friend and also all that while making your male jealous.

It truly doesn’t get far better (or easier) than that.

2. Have actually a girls’ night and also celebrate life


For one second, forget all around trying to do him jealous. This is walk to perform the trick but it’s also critical that you have some fun and also pamper yourself!

Get her girls and also organize a girls’ night. To buy copious amounts of wine and also start the party at her place.

Get ready together when blasting Beyonce and also sipping rosé. Talk, laugh, dance and enjoy safety time v each other because you deserve it!

If that calls or sends out you a message message, just let him know you’re not obtainable because you’re too busy having actually the time of your life v the girls!

He’s walk to lose his psychic wondering where you are and also who you’re with and also you’ll be having method too much fun to offer a shit.

Take a take self (or a dozen) and also make memories with your ideal girls.

Remember that they are the ones standing by your side with your ordeal and that’s why it’s vital to never shed sight that their an essential role in your life.

Sure, you’ll do him jealous but you’ll additionally be reminded of how amazing and also supportive her friend one is.

3. Admire his guy friends


But don’t go out of your method in law so. At any time you’re roughly his man friends (or coincidentally run into them), act as if bumping right into them to be the most amazing casual collision the the day!

Be chatty yet listen, ask around how they’re law (without asking about the guy) and share a couple of genuine laughs if the situation feels appropriate.

And when his friends call him about how great it to be seeing you (and how great you looked), he’s going come feel jealousy whether the likes it or not.

Make sure you’ve left the best impression on castle while gift your finest self and you’ll have made a an excellent thing the end of an inadvertently meeting.

Guys care about what their other male friends think, especially around chicks! That’s just just how they’re wired.

And as soon as he hears his males chatting all around how rad it was seeing you the other day, he’ll begin wondering why he let you walk in the very first place (or why that hasn’t make a relocate yet if it’s a crush in question).

4. Have actually an waiting of an enig about yourself


The less you call a guy, the much more he’s drawn to you! save that in mind.

And in lieu the that, avoid sharing lot of her life v him and start keeping an air of an enig around you.

When the asks friend something, price him however don’t overshare.

He doesn’t require to know every single detail the goes ~ above in your head and also when you begin seeing exactly how denying him information is walking to do him stick to you favor glue, you’ll victory the jackpot that relationships!

Guys THINK they don’t care about every single thing you have actually going top top (girly stuff and also whatnot) yet once friend actually start listening to him and also don’t stroked nerves him with much info, he’ll turn into a jealous dude.

Guys room so straightforward to manipulate and it’s all their fault in the an initial place, so why should you feel guilty for making use of his own logic against him?

The more mysterious you remain, the much more he’ll go gaga end you. Proven fact.

5. Casually mention your ex in his presence


If there’s one thing males absolutely HATE, it’s hearing around your ex.

They don’t care around him, castle don’t have actually time come hear about him and they obtain irrationally jealous the more his name keeps popping up.

So start slipping his surname randomly into conversations through him, nevertheless of you being in a group or one ~ above one. It’ll bug the shit out of him one of two people way.

If you’re having a conversation and you’re reminded of her ex in any method (maybe he remained in the same line of organization that’s being disputed or he stays in the ar you’re at), don’t shy away from mentioning it!

Be completely casual about it, together if it’s simply some arbitrarily guy, and also keep talking as if nothing happened.

Every time you say his name, execute it v a smile on your confront as if that somehow brings out an excellent memories that are dear to her heart.

I don’t even have to define how jealous this is going to make your guy.

So simple, however SO effective.

6. Have fun through your male friends


You’re most likely going to run into him now and also then, particularly if you operation in the same crew.

The following time you’re in ~ a party and you’re with your man friends, make sure he sees you.

And then, revolve up the heat a bit. Flirt, flaunt what her mama offered you and laugh prefer they’re the funniest dudes you’ve ever met.

He requirements to see you having actually a blast with various other guys. The shit provides them jealous much faster than you deserve to snap your fingers.

You’re laughing, hugging and also being your flirty self with other guys, room you kidding me? he won’t be able to stand the shit.

So use that against him. You’ll be completely innocent in the whole story and also he’ll be almost everywhere you, making certain that HE’S the one making girlfriend laugh and he’s the one you’re flirting your ass turn off for.

If this is your boyfriend and also you’re trying come teach that a lesson, consider it a lesson learned for him.

And if it’s a like whose attention you’re trying come catch, project well done.

Now the round is in his court and you’ll lastly see if he’s man enough to handle your wants and needs.

7. It is in unavailable (no answering messages or calls)


I understand that the very first thing you’ll want to do when you see his surname light up your screen will be answering appropriate away. Yet that would certainly be a dig mistake.

You need to let him know that girlfriend don’t count on him. You’re a self-made woman who is perfectly capable of being by herself if that’s what needs to happen.

He can call you or text you however you need to be unavailable for a little bit to permit him realize you’re not here to run at his request.

Make that sweat. Make him view he’s not all that! and when you ultimately decide to choose up the phone and also answer him, act together if it’s the many normal point ever.

And when you accomplish up, don’t even cite it and also if he does, entirely brush that off. You to be busy, you didn’t see your call or her girl to be around. He’ll acquire the picture.

If he keeps acquisition you for granted, you’ll save reciprocating. The won’t favor it one bit and the tables will rotate in no time.

8. Begin hanging out through somebody fully different indigenous him


Find somebody who is his complete opposite. Let’s speak the guy you’re trying come make jealousy is dark-skinned v dark hair, has actually a weird feeling of humor and is into football.

Your score is to discover a male who doesn’t resemble any kind of of that.

A male with irradiate hair, who’s into movies and basketball and also who has actually a an extremely laid-back feeling of humor.

Both physically and emotionally, this man is nothing favor your preferred dude.

He’s walk to begin thinking you’ve fully changed your form and begin panicking and wondering if he’s got a shot through you at all now.

He might even start making some transforms in his appearance in order to please you and also all that since he experienced you hanging out through a completely different form of dude.

He won’t even know the nature of your connection (nor does that matter).

All that matters is the it’s walking to make him jealousy on the inside and he’ll be an ext inclined to success you over.

9. Use social media to remind him of your adventurous spirit


He’s more than likely watching your every relocate on social media (we’re every guilty of the at part point) therefore take benefit of his watchful eye.

Post carefully-chosen photos that will certainly make the go, ”Wow,” upon see what you’re increase to.

Whichever adventure you go on next, record it along with a take self or two while looking her glowing best!

Build your heart up, interact in some much-needed activities with the civilization you cherish and do points that make you feel at one v nature.

Forget all about your search to do him jealous and focus on yourself for a second.

In every the fuss, you store forgetting the you matter as well. Your emotional and also physical health and wellness are her number one priorities.

Do whatever it takes come remind you yourself of that and also be her own finest friend.

Find lull in the fact that he’ll most likely see exactly how rejuvenated, refreshed and also damn joyful friend look in all her photos and also know that he’ll be jealousy while you’re healing your heart.

10. Go on vacation through your girl (NOT him)


Your next few days turn off or whenever functions for all of your girls, arrangement a girls’ expedition somewhere whereby you’ll forget all around your problems and also soak in some much-needed sun, fresh air and also positivity.

Let that know about your tiny trip and also act as excited together you more than likely are!

He’ll feel jealous that he didn’t do the cut and that the wasn’t your first choice for a fun getaway.

He’ll go out of his mind imagining all the hot guys you’ll probably encounter and also flip the end internally in ~ the believed of some almost-naked dude flirting through you and also making a move.

And that’s precisely what friend want, right?

Clearly, if you’re involved, friend won’t cheat or anything… however you’ll be much away native his sight and also God to know what will go ~ above in his mind.

You’ll see when you get earlier how overprotective he will be that you.

You’ll feeling his visibility in your life more than ever since he’ll have learned what it would be prefer to be there is no you and he won’t destruction it. At all.

11. Protect against typing mid-text


Oh, Lord… this one will certainly make him go bananas. Ns presume you exchange text messages every now and again, am i right? If not, maybe you might start.

And together you’re having actually a conversation, simply disappear together you’re in the center of a juicy topic that he’s clearly into and also stop inputting for like fifty percent an hour or so.

Make the want an ext once you view he’s biting.

He’ll it is in holding on to his phone, wondering where the hell you’ve disappeared to, dice to hear what you have to say.

And you’ll be having actually your tiny fun, knowing exactly what’s walking on end on his side.

Are you text massage some other guy? Is an additional dude over at her place?

What the hell is going on over there and also why aren’t you texting him back after plainly starting to kind some shit?

Jealous much? permit him lose his mind for a bit before casually hitting him earlier with an, ”Oh sorry, had something I needed to take care of!” and also continue inputting as if nothing happened.

12. Don’t react to his ideal moves


If we’re talking about your current boyfriend who’s began to take your awesomeness for granted, this one’s for you.

You won’t let his suddenly flirting and attention do you forget all about his shitty behavior in the last few weeks.

So as soon as he place his ideal moves ~ above you, don’t react. Continue to be indifferent.

When he tries to speak you up with the same old BS he constantly says, give him a look that claims ‘’You open minded think it’s going to be that easy? Boy.., you’re dead wrong’’.

Let him sweat and realize you’re nobody’s fool. If he desires to be through you, he demands to have his duck in a row at all times, NOT simply when it suits him.

He could start thinking there’s one more guy or he might start establish the error of his ways.

Either way, he’s bound to do a decision about his behavior and a damn an excellent one!

13. Compare him come a celebrity hunk


Want to know why guys HATE celebs who look like they wake up looking prefer a million bucks?

Because they know their girls pine after them, day after day, dice to meet them and also do all kinds that stuff v them.

Now, I understand what you’re thinking. It’s a celebrity, it’s fully unrealistic and also harmless. What’s there to fuss about?

A lot of actually! He knows he’s not Ryan Gosling. He’ll never have the body of Jason Momoa and he isn’t together funny together Ryan Reynolds.

So it damages his ego and also makes him feeling inadequate and unequipped!

This is precisely why you’re going come make certain to compare him come the hottest masculine celeb you might think that in a way that renders him view he’s not all that and also if he wants to save you, he much better start acting prefer it.

It’s not about diminishing his self-worth or destroying his confidence. It’s about making him view that there are so plenty of hot men out there but you made decision HIM.

And if he doesn’t begin appreciating you and giving you the moment of day, friend won’t have a difficulty leaving him. You don’t desire to perform it… yet if he provides you, it’s his loss and his fault.

Final Thoughts


Finding, maintaining and also preserving a healthy, committed partnership is a job to behold these days.

Guys take it girls for granted and also expect to be cure like monarchs while dealing with them prefer they’re commodities.

And I believe it’s time come knock some sense right into guys everywhere and let them know we’re not right here to serve them and we’re certainly not right here to placed up v their questionable actions.

If he desires you, that best think he’s walking to need to make an initiative to win you over and also keep proving his loyalty.

If not, there are plenty of means to make him jealous and also make him watch your worth the difficult way.

If he’s no willing to placed in the work, climate he’s not going to obtain the privilege of loving you.

Luckily, some men are worth the bother and also once you teach castle a lesson, they find out it and also absorb it. And also this if for them.

Browse v these innovative suggestions again and see how far you’re ready to walk to provide him a reality check.

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I promise that this is your ideal shot at gaining him come commit and see you for all the you are.

This is a trip of self-exploration toward finding your best self while incidentally making your male SEE you and also treat you prefer the queen girlfriend are!