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This could be a dumb questionFirst what exactly is a 4 bolt main on an engine.Secondly just how do you recognize if you have one. I have actually a 76 Chevy one ton dually with a 350 engine and 4 speed trans. Would certainly this truck have one?Third what room they worth, I have actually a friend in search of one, and the van is no good it doesnt have actually a title even though the runs.Thanks in breakthrough for any info.
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You will have to pull the pan and also check.You will watch 4 bolt"s holding on the main bearing caps (except front and rear).It is supposed to be stronger.Post the spreading numbers,from the vehicle drivers side behind of the block,on the bell housing flange.It will assist us call what that is,and what every it"s worth.

If it"s the initial engine, I"m pretty sure it have to be a 4 bolt. Pickups indigenous that period almost all were.The 4 bolts are desirable by warm rodders because they host up far better under high rpm conditions. They"re obtaining scarcer now as this blocks haven"t been made in quite some time.

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Your truck more than likely has 4 bolt main bearing caps, if the engine is original. The 4 bolt caps are good, yet probably not vital unless your friend plans to go above around 400 horsepower. The can also cross drill two-bolt cap to rise strength.Also examine the spreading number on your block and also heads, and also check them in ~ The most desirable (for hotrodders), high nickle-content blocks have spreading numbers that end in 10 or 20.Bruce
< friend will watch 4 bolt"s holding on the key bearing caps (except front and also rear).It is an alleged to be stronger.When I checked out college in 86 because that auto/diesel mechanics we had actually a Rep. Come in indigenous GM. He told us that the factor they went to the 4 bolt mainsback then was when spreading the blocks they screwed up and also made them to weak in the main area . To get the strength back so not to waist a **** fill of block the visited 4 bolt mains to acquire into much more meat that the block the end farther to remove the weak point.If you desire to yes, really beef increase the main area get a 2 bolt main and have that fitted v 4 bolt splayed caps. The external bolts goin in in ~ a edge to create a truss like throughout the crank.
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