In the days before Easter, Christian crosses draped through colored fabric is a common sight, but what color a church chooses to drape on the cross, as soon as it" draped and also why is as differed as the churches themselves.

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" church has their own traditions and we have actually the colors of the seaboy as guidelines," said Father Dan Crockett of St. Simon" Episcopal Church in Conyers.

In some churches, the cross is draped through purple beginning on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, which this year fell on Feb. 17. The purple drapings, which periodically hang for nearly the whole duration of Lent, can be viewed at Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran and Episcopalian churches and during Divine Week at Baptist and also Catholic churches.

Purple is the seasonal shade for Lent, shelp Pastor Tom Sparks of Conyers Presbyterian Church, supposed to denote repentance. Though some world pick to offer up certain foods at Lent, sassist Sparks, the seaboy is truly designed for even more spiroutine endeavors.

"" really deeper than that. It" to reflect on your life of discipleship, to be even more faithful to Christ," sassist Sparks.

Sparks said that on Good Friday, the color of the drape at his church alters to black to represent Christ" fatality on the cross. The service is also well-known as the Tenebrae, a Latin word for shadows.

" churches will take all the communion off the table, close the Holy bible and also drape black towel over the table and the Holy bible to represent complete darkness," sassist Sparks.

When Easter Sunday arrives, churches readjust the purple or babsence drapes to white, representing purity and also Christ" resurrection.

" Protestant churches realized that worship necessary to be even more visual. It" specifically helpful for kids," shelp Sparks.

At Heritage Hills Baptist Church, three crosses are put up and also purple is held on the center cross on Palm Sunday, a week prior to Easter. On Good Friday, a black drape is put on the cross. At Easter, the babsence is reput with white.

Heritage Hills Minister of Worship and Music Scott Fraser said that purple is provided bereason it represents aristocracy and also Jesus is considered a king as He provides his way via Jerusalem.

He defined his church as a blfinished church, one that mixes both modern and also traditional worship. Most Baptist churches tailor their holy observances based upon what best suits their congregation.

"" very independent, so it" as much as each individual church just how they want to celebprice their church year," sassist Fraser.

Crockett shelp his church, St. Simon" Episcopal, hangs a purple drape, for repentance, on the first day of Lent and transforms the shade to red on Palm Sunday. Red represents the blood of the Holy Spirit and also that of martyrs.

Babsence might be held on Good Friday in the Episcopal church, said Crockett, and a white drape is held on Easter day. Other colors throughout the Episcopal church year incorporate blue, the shade of anticipation for the birth of Christ, and also green, the shade representing Ordinary Time, days that aren" incorporated by Advent, Lent, Christmas or Easter.

The Catholic church additionally supplies red and purple during Holy Week, however black is never before offered, shelp Father John Kieran of St. Pius X Catholic Church. On Good Friday, a lot of Catholic churches cover images of Jesus to observe His death. The covers are removed and white applied in observance of Easter.


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