I"ve had actually these two tiny wooden heart magnets given to me a year ago, but over time, both hearts have actually fallen off their magnets. They seem to it is in attached through a point sheet of some kind of clean glue that obviously can"t organize in the lengthy run (it"s taken them both numerous months to loss off).

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If there a particular kind of glue I have the right to use to do the magnets hold together because that good?



Magnets space notoriously glue-resistant.

There are sticky soft magnets provided e.g. Because that refrigerator magnets, which would kinda work on the adhesive front, yet they space pathetically weak.

You could shot two-ingredient epoxy for other magnets; it has tendency to stick yes, really well come pretty lot everything and also if the won"t, girlfriend can almost encase anything with it.

But I believe the best solution would be to forgo the glues and obtain some tiny neodymium magnets v a hole:


These are really strong, so also a small one deserve to support her heart, and they can be affixed to a surface with a pond or a screw, make a very solid connection.


Over in ~ Lifehacks SE i was recently presented to Sugru, a play-dough-like silicone clay that sticks to essentially everything, hardens to a kind of rubber and also is to plan for little hacks, repair and similar tasks.

They have actually a whole collection of tasks with magnets on their website and also your hearts would fit in nicely.


If over there a details kind of adhesive I have the right to use to do the magnets organize together because that good?

For good could be challenging sell however like Joel Huebner says super/crazy glues would work just fine because that this. Because that something this tiny that would certainly be bearing much stress of weight it need to be fine.

If you really want to you might use some 2 component epoxy indigenous an applicator however I don"t think that is necessary.

One point to keep in mental is that few of the hardwood you might be using would have actually a complete on it. If you intend to usage glue for any kind of surface you could get a much better bond if friend sand turn off the finish and also get to bare wood. Smooth the off and also then glue it. The glue have to soak into the grain of the wood.



I usage either Elmer"s wood glue, it takes 12~ hrs to dry. Or i use among the thicker "super glues"

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