Here"s what to execute at Canalave Library in Pokemon brilliant Diamond & shining Pearl, and also how to acquire to Lake Valor and also take down Saturn.

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This is component 13 the our official Pokemon excellent Diamond & glowing Pearl finish guide and walkthrough, which choose up best after you beat Byron in Canalave Gym and are tasked through meeting Professor Rowan in Canalave Library. Soon after this, you'll should make your means to Lake Valor and also battle Saturn for the first time.

i mean, the library part is pretty self-explanatory, right? You already walked right past it after taking on your rival ~ above the bridge in the last component of the walkthrough, so currently all you have to do is walk in and also head approximately the peak floor, where Rowan, your rival, and either Lucas or Dawn will certainly be wait for you. At this suggest in the story, Rowan renders it clear the the three of you have to visit Lake Verity, Lake Valor, and also Lake Acuity because that him in bespeak to inspection the Lake Guardians the Sinnoh. Her rival takes Acuity, you’re assigned Valor, and also Rowan accompanies his assistant to Verity.

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Right before you leaving the library, a tremor hits Canalave with ferocious force. When you do your means down the stair and back out to the city, you’ll quickly be educated that a bomb has gone off at Lake Valor, meaning it’s even an ext urgent the you obtain there as shortly as possible.

pokemon excellent diamond shining pearl canalave library
It’s worth discussing at this phase that you can go catch a Gible now if you’re planning on adding Garchomp to her team. If so, we're currently putting together a overview on wherein to obtain Gible in Pokemon brilliant Diamond & glowing Pearl. If not, let’s move on to Lake Valor. Ns mean, a bomb did simply go turn off there - certain Gible have the right to wait, right?

fly to Veilstone City and head southern via path 214 until you acquire to the enntrance gate to Lake Valor, i beg your pardon is currently unguarded because that the very first time. Once you go inside, you’ll view that every one of the water has evaporated as a result of the explosion. Over there are many Magikarp pathetically flailing about the ground, which is… a bit sad, if I’m honest. Still, it’s necessary you do your method to the cavern at the centre of the now waterless lake, so her sympathy can wait.

pokemon bdsp lake valor
there are fairly a few grunts friend can battle here, none of who are specifically strong. It's pretty straightforward experience and you won’t have to waste a whole lot of PP on them, so we’d recommend easily incapacitating the lot of them prior to heading in come fight Saturn in the cave. While his Toxicroak isn’t fairly as intimidating together Mars’ and also Jupiter’s Purugly and Skuntank, his Kadabra and also Bronzor are means tougher 보다 their grunt Pokemon, which renders Saturn may be the toughest of the 3 on aggregate. Your best bet below is come send in her fastest ‘mon come hit Kadabra hard and hopefully one-shot it. Afterwards, take the end Toxicroak v Staraptor and Bronzor through either Infernape, Rapidash, or - many thanks to the cool Underground adding much more than one Fire-type to the games - any kind of other kind Fire Pokemon you captured in a Hideaway.

as soon as you’ve given Saturn a an excellent thrashing and also told him exactly how rubbish his haircut is, you’ll easily learn the your pals are having a little of a nightmare under at Lake Verity. Because that the first time in a long time, you have to head every the method back to her hometown the Twinleaf, i beg your pardon isn’t quite as difficult as that sounds offered that you have the right to Fly over there in about two seconds. After friend arrive, head phibìc to Lake Verity and reconvene through Rowan and also either Lucas or Dawn.

v that, it’s time to relocate on to component 14 that our official Pokemon excellent Diamond & glowing Pearl walkthrough: Lake Verity and the roadway to Snowpoint City.

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