A excellent owner knows just what to do if they’rebeardy isn’t getting sufficient water — as with any kind of pet, providing your pet enoughwater is a should if they’re going to be healthy and balanced.

But, bereason of the bearded dragon’s desertnature, hydrating isn’t as straightforward as offering them water.

You should understand particularly just how to hydprice a bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons are hydrated in comparable ways to just how they obtain water in their herbal desert habitat. Beardies can drink small amounts of water and also ingest moisture via their food.

Read on for more details on just how to assist keep your bearded dragon hydrated.

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2 Ways To Hydprice A Bearded Dragon

2 Ways To Hydrate A Bearded Dragon

In this section, we’ll look at the 3 major means to hydprice your bearded dragon.

It’s finest to use all three techniques on a regular basis to keep your beardy as healthy and balanced as feasible.

#1 Water Dish

The initially thing you have to constantly have in your bearded dragon’s enclosure is a shallow water dish.

This water dish have to always be filled with water.

Bearded dragons favor to acquire their waterwith food and also their skin, yet they have the right to drink tiny quantities once they needto.

A shallow water dish, such as this one, helps through this.

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Signs Of Dehydration

Like all animals, water is necessary to a healthy life.

When your beardy is sick, thriving, pregnant, or brumating, it can get dehydrated.

A sevedepend dehydrated bearded dragon might noteat, which renders it difficult to rehydprice the reptile.

In the worst cases, your bearded dragon might inperil of dying.

If you notification these symptoms of dehydration,take procedures to hydprice your reptile or go to the vet:

Wrinkled skinLack of appetiteLethargySkin which stays tented whenlightly pinched instead of extending back

Note: If you ever before feel too worried, just take your pet to the vet.

There’s no shame in going for somepoint turning out to be minor.


We hope you enjoyed learning exactly how to hydrate a bearded dragon.

This knowledge is a need to for any type of bearded dragon owner.

Make certain you keep a shallow water dish in the tank at all times and also routinely choose high-water foods once feeding for meals.