fans that want to evolve Eevee, Shellder, or Lombre in Pokemon Sword and also Shield will require Water Stones, and here is where to uncover them.

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pokemon sword and shield water stone
Water Stones room they an essential to performing number of evolutions in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and also indeed players the wish come evolve your Eevees, Shellders, and Lombres will require to obtain some amount of this evolution Stone. The said, Water Stones are not extremely typical in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and also some fans may simply not be able to locate one in spite of their finest efforts. For those players, details on exactly where Water Stones have the right to be found in Gen 8 may prove useful.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Water stone Location

There space several means to go about getting a Water stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and also the first opportunity arises in the Bridge ar Wild Area. More specifically, players should cross the bridge that is located to the eastern of Motostoke and keep going directly through the archways. Eventually, this route will command fans to an alcove the is developed by a brick wall coming into call with stone, and in this alcove is a Raid den and a Pokeball containing the Water Stone.

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pokemon sword and also shield water stone

If a player finds the they quiet need more Water Stones after ~ collecting the one in bridge Field, lock should proceed through the game until they get the Water Rotom Bike. This upgrade comes in course 9, and also it enables fans to overcome bodies of water that were previously impassable. Indeed, players are able to visit brand brand-new places v the assistance of the Water Rotom Bike, and also there are Water Stones to be uncovered in a pair of these areas.

One such area is the Lake the Outrage, which is in the Wild Area just before Hammerlocke. After making use of the water bicycle to with this location, players should check the one of stones for a range of Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones, including a Water Stone. Pan can likewise ride your upgraded bikes to the island on route 2 for yet an additional Water rock if there room still some evolutions that they would like to perform.

pokemon sword and also shield water stone

through respect to precisely how this evolutions are initiated, it is as simple as choosing a Water rock in the various other Items ar of the menu and also using it on one of the applicable Pokemon. Again, those Pokemon space Eevee, i beg your pardon evolves into Vaporeon, Shellder, which evolves into Cloyster, and Lombre, which evolves into Ludicolo, and also as long as a player remembers to usage the rock on the bag Monsters, instead of make the efforts to make them host it, evolving them need to be easy.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are obtainable now because that Nintendo Switch.

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