Cut follow me creases ~ above the much shorter ends that the paper to the very first place where two creases meet. (Do not reduced the center fold.)

Fold the end rectangles together to form sides of the box and also glue together.

Fold increase the remaining two ends and also glue together you did for the box.

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Cut a strip of document to type a handle, and attach come the sides.

Start through a square of paper. Fold your square into thirds. Turn the paper, and also fold it right into thirds again so that you acquire 9 squares. Friend will require to display the

children exactly how to do this by measuring,

or through folding the edges in 1/3 the the

distance and creasing.

Cut the creases along two of the sides.

Fold the back of the chair up.

Join the end squares with each other to form the basic of the chair.


Start v a square and fold it right into thirds prefer you did because that the chair, until you have actually 9 squares again.

Cut the creases along the 2 ends just like for the chair.

Join the finish squares with each other to type the base of the table.


Children enjoy drawing a an easy animal ~ above a folded piece of paper, and also then cut it out so that it have the right to stand. This works well because that any pet with a relatively straight back, whether it stands on four legs or two. The is important to location the animal"s back along the fold, for this reason it deserve to stand easily.

Show the kids how come decorate their animals by curling document "fur", cut out and also curling triangle fish scales, adding yarn details, etc. They might like to do a tiger, a kangaroo, or a zebra. In fact, they deserve to make a totality "zoo"!


Activity 7: Christmas Star

Using a square of record (origami

paper or silver- or gold foil space

spectacular), do a hill

fold along the diagonal. Open and also

repeat along the various other diagonal.

Open and fold file in fifty percent forming

a rectangle. Open and repeat.

Cut 1/3 the the way up the rectangular

folds on every side.

Fold the edges back to the facility of

diagonals, developing points of the star.

Repeat until all points are done the same way.

Fold file in half. Open and also fold edge to middle crease.

Turn the document the other direction and

execute the exact same thing the other means so

you finish up v 16 rectangles.

Cut along creases on the shorter ends

of the document to the very first place where 2

creases meet.

The 4 center rectangles will kind the roof.

On one side, the two rectangles

connecting come the roof that haven’t

been reduced can be used to make a

door and also windows.

You can cut out or draw a door, windows,

and various other details. That is vital to execute any

coloring or painting prior to pasting the home together.

Connect the 4 rectangles on each

side that you formerly cut. Girlfriend

should affix the inside two first and

glue lock together. Climate overlap this

with the outer two and glue lock together,

developing the political parties of the houses.

Fold record in half.

Open and also fold edges to middle crease.

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Turn the file the other direction and also do the very same thing the other way so you finish up with 16 rectangles.