Broken her favourite rubber bracelet? Don"t worry. You simply need a super glue the sticks instantly on a really thin surface - prefer our fix & Glue

Don’t bin it, fix it and become an everyday #REPAIRHERO!


Step 2: apply resolve & Glue

Apply a slim layer of glue to among the sides to be fixed. solve & Glue repairs 99.9% that materials, definition it’s suitable glue for rubber or plastic.

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Step 3: join together

Squeeze both the rubber sides together and also keep castle together. The contact adhesive forms a bond in as small as 5 seconds.


Step 4: leaving to dry

The glue will certainly dry in as little as one minute, leading to a strong and functional bond.

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Step 5: Test your repair

Pull on the bracelet. Amazing! The rubber is fully fixed together! now you’re a #REPAIRHERO! 


Step 6: placed on her bracelet!

As it resists motion such together twisting and also pulling, resolve & glue is the best glue for repairing rubber objects.

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