There are useful NHL 19 fighting controls besides mashing upwards repeatedly on the right analog stick… Yeah, It surprised me too!

In total, there are 8 different fighting controls, which makes it sound a lot more complex than it is. We’ll cover each one below then the possible combos that involve more precise timing and finally the best tactic for actually winning your fights.

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Why Fight?

If you win, your team gets all of their energy 100% replenished as if it was the start of the game or period; on the other hand, if you lose you only get a very small energy boost.

With that in mind, it will be more beneficial to fight at least half way into any given period – otherwise your lines will still have a lot of energy anyway and the boost advantage won’t be worth spending 5 minutes in the box.

Note that in the EASHL or OTP you have the same line for the whole game so this big energy boost over your opponent can feel a lot more significant.

There are some major cons to fighting as well. For one, you lose a player for a minimum of 5 minutes and possibly even yourself if you are playing EASHL or OTP. If you lose, then not only will you be gone for 5 minutes but your team will be up against a fully energized opponent.

Oh wait… I forgot the most important pro of fighting. You assert your virtual dominance over another human being! Isn’t that what online gaming is all about?

How to Initiate

You can initiate fights by double pressing “Y”(Triangle) while near another player during the game or after a whistle.

*If done during play then it can result in a 2 minute instigator penalty in addition to your 5 minutes so I’d advise against doing that.

A big hit can trigger a fight or even shooting at the opponent’s goalie after a whistle – just like in real hockey.



Dodge and Headlock Combo

The most effective move you can perform in a fight and very effective against opponents who just repeatedly mash the overhand punches.

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Right after dodging a punch press the “grab” button(LT or L2). Once the headlock is performed successfully you don’t need to hold down LT. You can stay in this position as long as your opponent doesn’t “dodge” your punches.

It will take some practice to get the timing right. I’d recommend going into a “Play Now” match and purposely go offside then shoot on the opponents goalie. This is the easiest way to initiate a fight vs AI and what I did a countless amount of times to get these clips