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Acid is normally mixed at a proportion of 3 parts water come 1 part acid for sufficient strength to etch properly. Ideally you want to check the toughness needed an initial before act the entire floor. You can do this by an initial mixing a little solution in her watering can beginning at a 5:1 ratio. Apply it come a tiny area the wet concrete. The should start bubbling and also fizzing immediately. If no then girlfriend will desire to rise the strength accordingly. Sometimes a proportion stronger 보다 3:1 might be necessary for particularly dense concrete or a smooth strength troweled floor.

Caution! Always add acid come water, not water to acid. If you pour water into acid it can reason an explosive reaction that deserve to spray you with the mixture and burn your skin!

Before acid etching, make certain the garage floor is cleaned appropriately of every oil, contaminants, grease, and dirt. Contrary to what many world think, acid will not clean grease and oil spots. In fact, if these locations have not been cleaned and degreased properly, the acid equipment will simply sit top top top and not react with the concrete.

1 – Dampen the concrete:

Use her hose to easy spray under the concrete in her garage so that the concrete is wet however not puddling water. If you have actually a large garage floor, you may want to mountain etch in sections. Execute not permit the concrete dried out before or throughout application that the mountain solution.

2 – apply the mountain solution:

Use the 2 gallon plastic watering container come sprinkle the acid solution on the concrete. This will spread out the equipment evenly without much splashing. Execute not simply pour that on the concrete. This will produce an inconsistent spread of the mountain solution and will not provide for a uniform result. The 2 gallon container functions well due to the fact that you can mix 1.5 gallons of water come .5 gallons of acid for a 3:1 ratio. However, you deserve to use any type of size you prefer as lengthy as girlfriend mix the proportion of mountain to water correctly. 1 gallon of a 3:1 acid systems will cover around 50 – 70 square feet that garage floor.

3 – Scrub the mountain solution:

Once the equipment is applied, easy scrub it right into the concrete v a push broom or lengthy handled scrub brush. This helps to create a uniform etch that the concrete. Allow the solution sit for 10 – 15 minute while it proceeds to fizz and bubble. Carry out not permit the floor dry out throughout this process. Add an ext solution if necessary.

4 – Neutralize:

Mix 1 cup of baking soda come 1 gallon the water in your huge 5 gallon bucket and also pour it into the currently empty watering container. Sprinkle her neutralizing solution over the part of garage floor that was mountain etched and also let it sit because that a minimum of 10 minutes. When time is up, wash the neutralized equipment with her hose right into a drain or out the garage (if local water codes allow it). Another technique is to use a wet vac and also then dispose the the systems according to your regional codes.

Check the surface of the concrete in ~ this time. It must feel comparable to tool grit sand document with a uniform texture. If not, friend will must repeat the procedure again.

5 – final rinse:

Once the initial neutralizing systems is cleaned up, the is vital to extensively flush and rinse the remaining solution the end of the concrete. You might need to do this many times. It will leave a white powdery residue (calcium carbonate) on your garage floor when dried if you execute not do this. This is a fine white dust that will certainly not allow your coating come adhere properly. Usage a high press nozzle while extensively scrubbing the concrete through your scrub brush. You have the right to introduce a mild solution of basic Green at this allude if you like. Just make sure it is thoroughly rinsed.

Using a pressure washer because that this procedure works fine also. Execute not use a push washer come rinse off the early stage neutralizing solution. It have the right to drive any kind of acid equipment that had actually not to be neutralized deeper into the concrete and cause difficulties later.

6 – pH test her rinse water:

After your final rinse, dab a pH check strip prefer these in ~ Amazon onto the quiet wet garage floor to examine the pH. Anything between 6.0 and also 9.0 will occupational for many coatings v 7.0 (neutral) gift ideal. If it’s below 6.0 climate the water is indicating that acid residue is still in the pores of the concrete. Wash some more and repeat the test until you get the results you want.

Further tips for acid Etching Concrete

It’s a good idea to cover something in her garage the you don’t want to obtain splashed with a plastic autumn cloth. Another recommendation is come mix part neutralizing systems up ahead of time and spread it out liberally on your driveway. That way any acid equipment that is hosed out will not mildly etch or discolor your driveway. Don’t acid etch the concrete if the temps are below 50 levels as the acid will certainly not be as efficient with the cooler temperatures.

Also, make sure your garage floor has actually dried extensively before applying epoxy coatings. Fans will certainly help. Give it at least two work with warm weather and longer if that humid or cooler. Though the surface might be dry, the pores the the concrete deserve to still save moisture and also escape through outgassing as soon as the temperatures rise during the day. This will cause your coating to kind bubbles. Girlfriend can constantly do a rapid moisture test v plastic if you room not sure.

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Learning just how to mountain etch her garage floor no hard, however it’s really important to monitor the proper steps. Once done correctly, the possibilities of having actually your coating fail due to improper ready of the concrete is reduced significantly.