I discovered a merchant called Lookmai Decor in ~ Asiatique Night market on the Chao Phraya River marketing Pong Pong tree (Cerbera odollam) seed on a current visit once my parental were over from England.

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I’d watched these large tennis round sized seeds before as decorations but never knew what prospered from them, so I made decision to purchase two to take residence with me.

After a mainly in Bangkok, Kanchanaburi and Erewan we ultimately made it back to Koh Chang and I to reduce both seeds on optimal of some soil in pots, inserted in a sunny spot and also watered daily.

Within job a new shoot appeared and in a couple of weeks the tree stood in ~ 20-30cm tall. Apparently they flourish to 5-10 meter tall. Pong Pong trees are indigenous to Malaysia and Singapore yet are a typical sight in Thai gardens v their fragrant white flowers and glossy green leaves.

Pong Pong Tree AKA as the suicide Tree

One exciting fact come note about the Pong Pong tree is it likewise known as the Suicide Tree as result of the solitary round, mango-sized fruit being extremely toxic. If ingested they can cause fatal cardiac arrest due to the poison, Cerberin’s capability to block the calcium-ion channels within the love muscle.

Due to this beautiful tree poisonous fruit the Pong Pong tree in Singapore has actually been fazed out of road side planting.

I’ll re-pot my tree in the coming months before deciding where I’ll anchor them come mother earth to flourish in all their glory.

If you desire to prosper your own Pong Pong tree, seeds deserve to now it is in purchased straight from ours store. Additionally next time your out and about keep an eye out for this interesting oversized seed. Happy planting.

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… and also eight months later on the pong pong trees are still in containers however are spring healthy and also stand approximately 3ft high. Once the merganser season start we will plant lock out right into our land.

We space now around a year into the life of our very first two pong pong trees we grew from seed.

Both are planted out in our garden strategically inserted to the shade the house as lock grow and mature.

As the this mainly they have actually started to bud and flower as deserve to be watched from the photos below.


IMPORTANT notice – please READ

We have constantly endeavored to encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle in whatever we do. We are shocked and saddened come hear a customer tried come commit self-destruction with the seeds she purchase from our store.

Unfortunately, numerous household plants, flowers and seeds room poisonous once ingested and we have actually never advocated anything but growing plants for your aesthetics, to encourage pollinators to a garden or because that a new supply of organic food.

However, because of recent circumstances lugged to our attention, we room suspending the revenue of all Pong Pong seed until more notice.

Our thoughts are with her and also her family.

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Do You feel Suicidal?

The nationwide Suicide avoidance Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides complimentary and confidential emotional support to human being in suicidal crisis or emotionally distress 24 hours a day, 7 job a week.