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I simply rebuild my 4l60e in mine 97 Blazer. I"m can not to buy a brand-new converter for this reason i desire to clean out my old one. Once rebuilding the tranny there was no steel shaving at all yet the fluid that come out the the tranny to be badly burnt. Is it possible to drill a feet somewhere in the converter and then weld end the hole after it"s cleaned out. And also what dimension hole do I drill. Any aid in this matter would be considerably appreciated.
Is it feasible to drill a feet somewhere in the converter and then weld over the feet after it"s cleaned out..In the an excellent old days, converters had drain plugs. No now, despite :(I have actually never excellent this myself yet I have actually heard that this is done reasonably often, an especially for older, an ext rare converters, wherein replacements room not simple to get. Drill a hole on the welded seam wherein the two outer halves space welded together. Perform not drill where you see a corrugation or depression. No sense in disturbing the knives inside.Size? Imo begin pretty small, possibly 1/16 inch and also see exactly how that works. If you find oil stop flowing, there can be some debris is lodged in there, therefore a larger hole could be needed. Of course a little of comressed air under the neck would assist things flow.
If there to be no sparkle in the old infectious diseases world fashion oil, you have the right to simply invert the converter and collection it ~ above a coffee can or comparable container. After about 20 minutes, upper and lower reversal the converter again, agitate it a little to circulate an ext oil (you"ll view oil collect in the feet at the generator hub), and set it up to drainpipe again. You deserve to repeat this a couple of times and get all but the last couple of ounces the end that way. The rest will get pumped out once the infectious diseases world fashion oil pump runs and any debris need to get captured in the filter. Whenever ns freshen up a infectious diseases worldwide I like to either acquire my hands ago on that in about 1,000-2,000 miles and/or instruct the owner to drop the oil and install a new filter. I favor to look in ~ the burnished particles in the pan come make sure that only the friction surfaces space wearing in and also any metal from cleaned increase steels and the drum is miniscule. In doing a brief oil and filter adjust you"ll remove all the new friction material that polishes off in the first few thousand change cycles and trap noþeles left behind choose gasket fragments and lint. The brand-new filter and also fresh half load the oil should collection up the trans till its continual 30,000 mile service.

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you could add a drain plug, but you would certainly have to have actually the TC balanced by a shop afterward. Googling come up with a few results....