10 Taijutsu Techniques That You Can Do In Real-Life Many taijutsu techniques are based on official forms of martial arts. Here are 10 someone with professional and proper training could attempt!

Many fans may have tried to attempt various taijutsu techniques from the Naruto series. Taijutsu techniques do not require the use of a combatant"s chakra reserves, and this allows characters like Rock Lee—who cannot use chakra—to keep up with the powerful shinobi around him.

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Although many taijutsu techniques look difficult to do in real life—and they indeed are—many of them are based on official forms of martial arts. Here are 10 taijutsu techniques someone with professional and proper training could attempt in the real world.

Might Guy is a master of taijutsu and passes his mastery of the martial arts down to Rock Lee. The foundation of both of these character"s fighting styles is the Strong Fist technique.

The Strong Fist technique is an extremely offensive fighting style that prioritizes strong body blows to break opponents down from the outside. To utilize this technique to its fullest, both Rock Lee and Might Guy focus on speed and strength training so that each of their attacks is capable of forcing their opponent to take a defensive stance.

Both Rock Lee and Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender are masters of the Shadow of The Dancing Leaf taijutsu technique. This technique aims to take a defensive position behind the opponent and match their movements to stay out of their offensive range.

This skill takes a vast amount of knowledge and skill to master. Simply standing behind the opponent is not enough. Those who have mastered this technique can read their opponent"s movement so well that they can dance just out of their opponent"s range while preparing for their own offensive attack.

Gentle Fist is the taijutsu utilized by those who have an incredible knowledge of the paths chakra takes through the body. Thanks to the fact that this taijutsu style utilizes pressure points like Tai Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender, practitioners don"t need to have an excessive amount of brute strength to take advantage of it.

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Hinata and Boruto are two well-known practitioners of the Gentle Fist taijutsu technique. Naruto"s producers borrowed from the Chinese martial art baguazhang when animating Gentle Fist, proving that it is possible to perform IRL.

7 Leaf Gale Attacks An Opponents Legs To Knock Them Off Balance

The Leaf Gale taijutsu technique is the perfect follow-up to Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. While the latter technique is meant to give combatants some offensive leverage by defensively taking up a strong position behind the opponent, it is not suited for an offense. For this reason, the former technique, Leaf Gale, is utilized by Rock Lee to create an opening for a full-frontal offensive attack.

By throwing a spinning low kick at the opponent from behind, practitioners of the Leaf Gale technique can knock an opponent completely off balance. Once the enemy has hit the floor, the real fun begins.

This technique is mostly a joke, but it is one of the easiest techniques to perform in real life, so it has to take up a spot on this list. While other taijutsu techniques like Dance of the Clematis are cool, using bones as weapons is not a feasible plan of attack IRL.

One Thousand Years of Death is not exactly a feasible attack plan either, but it can be performed without crippling the practitioner. Still, fans should be careful before they attempt this technique on their friends or family, or they may have to face the wrath of the aggressive Strong Fist Technique.

5 Arhat Fist Makes Strong Fist Look Like Gentle Fist

The word "Arhat" is a title reserved for those who have achieved nirvana. While it may not be possible for all fans to accomplish this in real life, the techniques utilized by practitioners of the Arhat Fist are achievable IRL.

Unlike Strong fist, Arhat Fist focuses almost exclusively on offense, using bodyweight to enhance the strength of an attack so that just one palm strike has the potential to defeat an opponent. Jirobo is the only character in Naruto to demonstrate a mastery of this technique, but perhaps Boruto: Naruto Next Generation will introduce a new Arhat Fist practitioner.

Leaf Whirlwind is designed to use feints to throw off an opponent that is approaching battle defensively. When Rock Lee uses this technique against Sasuke, he throws a high kick with his left leg to distract his opponent from the sweeping low kick that follows immediately after. Thanks to the range of motion Rock Lee can achieve with both of his legs. This combo move is nearly impossible to block if performed correctly.

Throwing just one single kick is difficult for those who have not trained in the martial arts, so introducing the idea of kick combos and feints may be out of the realm of possibility for most, still, unlike the Spiked Human Bullet Tank technique, the overarching leaf category of taijutsu techniques area possible IRL, albeit only after a bit of practice.

3 Leaf Rising Wind Is The Uppercut Of Kicks

An uppercut is one of the deadliest punches in boxing because of how it forces the opponents to whip backward after it connects. Opponents with a strong chin can handle the impact of an uppercut, but if done correctly by a professional boxer, most have no choice but to let their eyes roll to the back of their head when the brain crashes against the inside of their skull. Leaf Rising Wind is a taijutsu technique that functions like an uppercut, but instead of lifting a fist into the opponent"s chin, this technique lifts a foot into the enemy. Rock Lee is the only character to demonstrate this technique in Naruto because it takes an incredible amount of strength and flexibility to pull off correctly.

While many believe that the only way to utilize the Drunken Fist taijutsu technique is to become drunk literally, this is not true. The purpose of this technique and the real Drunken Boxing technique that it borrows from is to trick your opponent with unpredictable and seemingly inefficient movements.

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By stumbling around the battlefield like a drunk, practitioners of the Drunken Fist can trick their opponents into approaching battle with a confident and casual disposition. Once the opponent lowers their guard, the Drunken Fist practitioner has earned the advantage.

1 Heavenly Foot Of Pain Uses Gravity To Enhance The Strength Of A Combatants" Kick

The Heavenly Foot of Pain technique requires a decent amount of flexibility, but it is a deadly attack capable of easily breaking bones when done correctly. The weight and strength behind a normal kick vary from person to person, but the Heavenly Foot of Pain takes advantage of gravity to guarantee that damage is done.

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In real life, the Heavenly Foot of Pain technique is known as a flying ax kick. The flying ax kick is not easy to perform by any means, but it certainly is possible IRL. It becomes even more powerful if performed after leaping off an elevated surface like a bed or couch.