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There’s nothing more frustrating in this human being than rolling your automobile or truck the end onto the driveway, going within to gain a drink, and coming back out to uncover that a bird has pooped directly on the home window or under the next of your driver’s next panel.

This is specifically frustrating when you have actually just spent two hrs polishing her pride and also joy.

Worry no though auto lovers, in this article we room going to discuss the best ways to store birds far from her car, and keep your vehicle poop-free.

The impacts of Bird Poop on your Car


So, did you do it spotted the bird poop on her car, that terrible white stain it is splattered everywhere your beautifully clean car. This is frustrating and also can be rage-inducing if you have actually just cleaned your car, so much so that you decide to leave it on there.

Car owners beware, leaving bird poop ~ above your auto for long periods can have a pair of an adverse effects which girlfriend will desire to avoid.

The most noticeable is that birds poop no look an extremely nice. You turn up to occupational with a vehicle full of bird poop and also people will begin to notice. Leaving bird poop in location is a sure means to feeling self-conscious about your car, so it’s ideal to gain that cleaned up as soon as possible.

The second reason is the bird poop is damaging to her car’s paint. Bird poop includes uric acid which is very corrosive. When permitted to sit ~ above your car for longer periods, it have the right to eat into the layer of repaint on your car and break the down, leaving your auto paint blemished and also damaged, no a an excellent look.

Places to protect against Storing her Car

There are some straightforward steps you can take together a automobile owner to mitigate the threat of those pesky avian vandals pooping on your car, there is no forking the end heaps the cash.

Firstly, if you have it, park your car in a garage. This will avoid birds indigenous getting anywhere near her car, and protecting your auto from the other threats to your auto like the weather, other animals, and of course, other people. A vehicle porch is likewise an choice if you have actually one.

If friend are doing not have in the garage department, relocating your automobile away from an overhang will considerably reduce the capability of bird to seek and also destroy.

Pay close attention to trees, overhanging limbs are a perfect perch because that birds, that love nothing an ext than come sit end the roof of your car and play “hit the target” v your car.

Overhead electric wires are another suggest of reference to avoid, this includes telephone wires as well. Birds frequently gather in groups and also perch top top telephone wires to flock together for safety versus other predator birds. Starlings room a specific nuisance because that this form of gathering and also can collection in their hundreds.

When you are out approximately town, shot and psychic to prevent parking straight underneath lamp short articles or signs. I’m not sure what they feed birds in towns and also cities but they it seems ~ to develop the biggest and worst poop of castle all.

Methods of pushing Birds far from your Car

As a means to discourage bird from pooping on her car, civilization have emerged some interesting methods in which castle deter birds from going near your car. In this section, we will certainly cover some of the much easier methods and how they store birds away from your vehicle.

Reflective Items

Birds seem to battle with shiny objects, castle don’t appear to favor landing close to them or roosting in an area in i m sorry they room present.

To help the bird in leaving, the is recommended the you use items such together CDs, tin foil, food cans, reflective tapes, and even small mirrors. Location them in feasible roosting areas to avoid them indigenous settling.

The XPCARE ice is good value for money and comes in a role that is basic to use and also store.


Simple together they may be, decoys have the right to be the perfect way to scare far the bird that space constantly pooping on your car.

Decoys come in all shapes and sizes, you will certainly be wanting to put them in significant positions so that they space visible come the just arrived birds.

The most reliable kinds are predator-shaped decoys, occasionally they will come v shiny, reflective covers, whilst part come in the shape of predatory animals such as coyotes and also owls.

Something choose the Homescapes inventions is a an excellent choice, the owl form is additionally reflective, successfully giving you predator and also reflector in one cheap package.

Bird Spikes


Although no the friendliest the methods, bird spikes space a extremely effective way of discouraging bird from roosting and also sitting in a particular area.

They come in lengthy spike strips which deserve to be affixed to a surface using either screws or adhesive pads. These strips come with long spikes which, climate the bird comes right into land, will deter the pesky poopers from being able come land on that area.

These spike strips have the right to be supplied on the overhangs of buildings or even trees in ~ a push and also are highly reliable methods that deterring birds.

The ice cream Method

This may seem choose a strange an approach but hear me out. Obtain yourself some double-sided difficult tape and cut it right into strips. Put the strips the end on your home window sills and also overhangs before the birds start to arrive.

Once the bird arrive and also perch, they will uncover that your feet begin to rod to your favorite perch, the birds will then fly away because of them hating the emotion of the ice beneath your feet.

This method also works with baking soda, sprinkle the baking soda ~ above the windowsill or overhang and also it will certainly discourage the bird from landing.

Sonic Deterrents


On come a more modern an approach of deterring birds. Sonic emitters pretty lot do what they to speak on the tin, castle emit sonic sound waves which are perfect for driving birds away from a particular area.

A bird’s hear is surprisingly fine developed, they deserve to hear supersonic noises more clearly than us humans. The ultrasonic devices emit sounds that store the birds on a high state that alert, make them feeling uncomfortable around landing in the area in which the sonic emitter is located.

There are a wide variety of sonic deterrents obtainable on the industry these days, meaning that girlfriend don’t need to spend a luck to acquire a really efficient one that will suit her needs.

Bird Sprays

Several various ingredients deserve to be put right into homemade bird repellant sprays. These encompass Cayenne pepper, Garlic, and Chilli peppers.

Birds have actually a sensitive sense of smell and can be placed off areas once they have been sprayed through the repellent. To make the repellent you can make a blend of peppers, vinegar, and also water. Leaving them come steep because that a if to do a potent bird repellent spray.

There is constantly the option to to buy pre-mixed bird sprays must you discover yourself quick of time, this spray from Flock free is a good alternative to making your own.

Call a Professional

If you uncover that the birds room not acquiring the hint, or the none that the methods above have operated so far, it might be ideal to call a skilled pest controller.

These professionals have the expertise and also equipment come fit suitable pest manage measures, to deter birds.

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Birds space a nuisance if they are pooping on your car, it’s that simple. By using some of the approaches we have actually covered in this article, friend will have the ability to rid you yourself of birds and also keep your auto poop-free.