So we relocate to this place and it has two fireplaces: one gas, one wood burning. In the substantial crunch of the move, and then part seriously whacky life problems that began in the first few weeks after ~ the relocate (and that ongoing for a year and also a half), we gained distracted and also never asked "how carry out we run this gas thing?" (Insert joke here.)

So critical year we offered the hardwood fireplace and ignored the other one.

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This past summer, ns was clean the rarely offered room with the gas fireplace and also noticed a hot draft if vacuuming roughly the hearth. Looked up right into the fireplace and realized that it had actually a partially opened flue that would certainly not totally close! (Insert man here.)

Are flues because that gas fireplaces different? The "flap" on the flue has actually some sort of steel bolt thing that is in the means of it totally closing. Is this normal? Is it meant to be constantly cracked open up a bit?

We"ve never used this thing and I need to admit, ns don"t know just how to use it. It has actually a steel "key" to rotate it on. I check out a pilot irradiate at the base that is operating. It has actually fake logs and decorative "pebbles" of part sort. And a pull earlier screen, choose a hardwood fireplace (which is type of bizarre since it"s fake, therefore why would certainly it need something to block sparks?)

Since ns don"t understand the very first thing around gas, could someone provide me an idiot primer on just how to execute this? carry out we just turn the crucial up v the flue fully open? Or are there other precautions, points to think about?

And if once we room not utilizing it, and IF the flue point is normal, is it safe to obtain and also use some kind of glass display screen to block the draft? (Would that mean blocking the fireplace but opening the flue more, or is having it cracked choose that, enought?) the room has a tendency to be heat in the summer and also colder in the winter, and with heating/cooling expenses so high, I"d prefer to number out some means to deal with it.

And IF the is acceptable to block the point with a glass screen, anyone recognize who sells them short and wide? The fireplace opening is rectangular, yet the method that castle designed the brick, girlfriend either need to have something prefer 27 customs tall and also 45 customs wide, or uncover something large to covered the entire decorative brick that is in one arch in ~ the top.

And how regularly do this things must be serviced and what does that entail?

Sorry because that sounding choose such a fool, however I"m not also sure whereby to start.

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Btw, this residence is around seven year old.


smom40,I may can assist a little with the gas FP.The bolt thing is there for the reason as you described. Its over there to keep it the flue native closing completely.This is normal. I had actually this on mine FP in ~ a previous home. Mine FP was timber burning, then ns converted it to gas by installing a collection of gas logs.Its for sure to only have actually the flue cracked when using a gas FP.If you never ever intend to usage this FP, its for sure to remove it. Just remember to open the flue if you ever before decide come burn a fire. The same as friend would v the lumber burning FP.

Also, ns purchased glass doors for mine in ~ a fireplace shop for around $40. Keep in mental this to be wayyy back in 1991, and the price varies through size, style etc. I would visit a FP shop to discover doors come fit her box. Also, mine were not difficult to install.