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On a 2003 BMW 320i, the dipstick has actually 3 bars through 2 separations in between (I don"t know how to define it yet could take a snapshot if you don"t understand what ns am talking about). Following oil readjust is early out in about 3400 KM"s and yesterday as soon as I rotate the car off, the yellow oil irradiate turned on. Ns turned the car on ideal away and it walk off and also stayed off. My concern is where is the oil level claimed to be on the dipstick?


OP, you are to examine your oil level (PER THE official BMW E46 owners MANUAL) APPROXIMATELY 5 minute after engine shut down. The oil must be in between the upper and also lower marks. PERIOD. This marks to be calibrated to check out correctly when the recommended viscosity oil has flowed ago into the oil pan after ~ 5 minutes after shut down.


OP,I think a photo could be a good idea, just because I recognize mine has actually two notches...and full is up to the bottom that my top notch.If you measure up oil 5 mins. After close up door down, it must be in between the two marks, but if you include oil then due to the fact that it"s not approximately the full mark, ~ the oil has drained under in the a.m., it will be overfull, for this reason don"t execute that.I inspect my oil in the a.m. When vehicle is cool...just the very same temp the vehicle was once I drained every my oil, included 6.9 came best up to bottom of peak notch.Your "three" bars sound odd and also I just thought the might assist us figure out what you"ve got. Also, if you search dipstick, think you"ll find countless picts. Currently here...maybe you might "borrow" one of them if it"s the exact same as yours and also post here.
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On a 2003 BMW 320i, the dipstick has actually 3 bars with 2 separations in between (I don"t know how to describe it however could take it a picture if girlfriend don"t understand what i am talk about). Following oil change is early out in around 3400 KM"s and also yesterday once I rotate the automobile off, the yellow oil irradiate turned on. I turned the vehicle on ideal away and it go off and stayed off. My concern is wherein is the oil level supposed to it is in on the dipstick?
The upper note is FULL, the lower marks are NOT FULL. Usually there room two marks, I"m not familiar with the dipstick you describe. If the oil is in between the upper and lower mark and also the light comes on, this way the sensor is failing.

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Mine is like this, and the oil level is perfectly in the middle in between the lower and also upper note so i guess this is good. I will certainly watch the end for the light if it ever comes top top again but about 125 km later and also still no light. What is the oil adjust interval for the united state cars that space in miles? Is the 15000 miles? I know my (Canadian) BMW has an interval of 15000 and I to be wondering what the is for us vehicles
Yellow oil light means LOW OIL.If friend shut the vehicle off and get a Yellow oil light, but your oil is as much as the level as soon as you inspect it, this means your oil level sensor is bad. Usual problem, my vehicle has that too, an extremely annoying.
Do you just leave that or do you change it? that only taken place once so much so possibly it was just a glitch, or go it mean it"s poor because of that one time
So when I confirm it today, the auto was still warm and also it to be right about perfectly in the middle in between the max and also min. Morning in the am, ns will inspect it prior to I begin the car. Need to it be right near the max tomorrow as soon as it is cold
Checking the oil level1. Park the auto on a level surface2. Move the engine turn off after that hasreached normal operating temperature3. After ~ approx. 5 minutes, pull the dipstickout and also wipe the off through a cleanlint-free cloth, document towel, or similarmaterial4. Very closely push the dipstick every theway right into the overview tube and also pull itout again5. The oil level must be between thetwo point out on the dipstick.As through fuel economy, oil consumptionis directly influenced by her drivingstyle and vehicle operating conditions.The oil volume in between the two markson the dipstick synchronizes to approx.1.1 us quarts/1 liter. Carry out not to fill beyondthe upper mark on the dipstick. Excessoil will damage the engine
So once I checked it today, the auto was tho warm and also it was right about perfectly in the middle between the max and also min. Tomorrow in the am, i will check it prior to I begin the car. Should it be right close to the max tomorrow when it is cold
Alright I simply bought a automobile that"s why and has no documents of when to acquire a change so i guess I"m great for awhile?
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