This pictorial guide walks you through the actions of instead of the cabin air filter in her 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla. The cabin waiting filter have to be changed every 6-18 months, depending on the species of environments you generally drive in. Follow to the car maintenance schedule, this need to be carry out every 30,000 miles. Obtain a printable pdf variation of the maintenance schedule here.

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The cabin wait filter is really straightforward to readjust out, and will commonly take in between 10-20 minutes.

Tools and Supplies:

The cabin air filter is accessed through the glove box, so the very first step is to remove it. To execute this, walk in with the passenger’s next door, and also open the glove compartment.

Next us will remove the glove box. In order to perform so, situate the retaining eight on the right-hand next of the box. The is hosted in location with a Phillips screw.

Use a Phillips driver to eliminate the screw and gently pull the retaining arm off that the plastic connector.

Now the gloves compartment is held in by the friction that the retaining tabs on both sides. You have to press the two sidewalls that the glove-box inward in order come let the glove compartment waver downward.

Once the two tabs are complimentary of the walls, the entire glove-box will certainly swing downward, and also you have the right to pull the out toward you, gently. That is now cost-free of the vehicle. Set it aside.

Now, locate the cabin waiting filter cover. Looking into the area where the glove compartment was previously, the cover is the black rectangular piece.

It has tabs top top both political parties of it the will need to be released.

Press inward top top the tabs and pull tenderness to relax the cover.

The cover will come off, revealing the old filter. Collection the covering aside.


Pull the end the old filter. If girlfriend waited too lengthy to change it, like I did, it will be extended in debris, so pull it out gradually to minimization the quantity of debris that falls down right into the fan.

Now the the old filter is removed, the would probably be a an excellent idea to usage a vacuum and a little hose come clean out any kind of debris the may have actually fallen down right into the fan. If you hear a ‘flutter’ once the cabin pan is turn on, there is a opportunity that something favor a leaf has fallen down in there, and also is brushing versus the fan blades. Vacuum every one of that out.

Here is a picture of the old and new cabin wait filters next by side.


These space the filters i recommend:

Now put in the new filter in precisely as the old one was. Make certain you acquire the orientation the the brand-new filter correct. I have seen conflict information around this, depending upon if the filter is indicating circulation direction (which is down in this case), or if the arrow is indicating “this side up”. Various filter makers appear to have different conventions. In the majority of cases, the exactly orientation is because that the arrowhead to it is in pointed in the direction the the airflow, i beg your pardon in this situation is pointing DOWN.

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Next, placed the cover ago on, and also press the plastic tabs ~ above both sides into the slots till they click.