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Entei and Raikou space both Roaming Pokemon, what that way is the they will repetitively jump roughly the map to different route every time you; encounter a Pokemon, fight a trainer, enter a brand-new route, go into a building, etc. Therefore the best means of recording a Roaming Pokemon is to share up top top Repels, and also go come a path where there is a patch of grass near the path entrance or building. Spray a repel and also have a Pokemon i m sorry is higher than the arbitrarily Pokemon yet lower than 40 so you have the right to encounter Entei and also Raikou. This have the right to take a while.
As soon as her encounter the Roaming Pokemon, it will certainly flee. You have time to use 1 article or attack if her Pokemon is faster. You can just throw the grasp ball and also catch it easily.
As over there are much more than one Roaming Pokemon, you"ll have to trap the various other Pokemon in a battle, this deserve to be done with a Pokemon with mean Look, Block or Spider Web, or have a Pokemon v the capability Arena Trap. All of these Attacks/Abilities will certainly make it impossible for Pokemon come flee from battle.
Entei is just one of the legend Beasts, that is a Fire Type. The is weak come Ground, Rock and Water. It has actually 4 moves; Roar, Fire Spin, Stomp & Flamethrower.

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Raikou is among the legendary Beasts, that is an electric Type. The is weak to Electric. It has 4 moves; Roar, quick Attack, Spark & Reflect.


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