It"s time to change from spooky Ghost typesto the irradiate of the moon, Trainers. The Lunar Pokémon, Cresselia, is joiningthe fray in Pokémon go Raid Battles! It"s said that those that sleep holdingCresselia"s feather are assured that joyful dreams, but there"s no time torest—this Psychic-type Pokémon will certainly be accessible in Pokémon walk Gyms just until December 18,2018, at 1:00 p.m. PST. Make sureto lug your friends in addition to you as soon as you an obstacle Cresselia—you might earnsome extra Premier Balls if friend do, and also you"ll need a sizable team to takedown the sturdy legendary Pokémon!

To record Cresselia, you have the right to use only the Premier Balls youearn from beating it, so it"s an essential to it is in prepared. Aid your team take over the Gym before the raid starts, battle alongside your friends, and also pickPokémon the will carry out well in fight to maximize her chances. Check outour guideto training Pokémon in Pokémon walk to acquire your team approximately speed, and also thenread ~ above for part tips details to Cresselia.

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Suggested Pokémon

Many the the very same Pokémon you used versus Giratina lastmonth will likewise be effective versus Cresselia due to the fact that the two share weaknessesto Ghost-type and also Dark-type attacks. This Psychic type"s only other weakness isagainst the poorly represented pest type, so hope you stocked up on spookyPokémon throughout the Halloween event! We"ll list the top-performing Pokémon fromeach type, yet you deserve to feel i was sure with any kind of of the strongest Bug-type,Ghost-type, and Dark-type Pokémon you have available. Be conscious that Cresseliais a particularly hearty Pokémon—it won"t deal as much damages as some otherRaid Bosses, but it"ll need a larger team to take down prior to time expires.

Dark-type Pokémon are typically the safest services toCresselia. Your Dark-type assaults will deal extra damage, and they"ll likewise takereduced damages from Cresselia"s Psychic-type attacks. A Tyranitar that knows Biteand Crunch is terrific all-around combatant, if a Houndoom wielding Snarland Foul Play deserve to dish out plenty the damage, though it takes more in returnbecause of its lower protective stats. If you happen to have the powerful Pokémon Honchkrow andWeavile, you need to definitely include them to her team. Protect against loading yourparty through Dark types if Cresselia to know Moonblast, which will certainly deal sizable damageto this Pokémon.

Ghost-type attackers tend to offer greater damage 보다 theirDark-type counterparts, but they won"t have the ability to endure as numerous attacks. AGengar that knows Lick native the Gengar one-of-a-kind Raid an obstacle and shadow Ballfrom a fee TM will deal much more damage come Cresselia than any other Pokémon.The next-best wielder that Ghost-type attacks is a Mewtwo that knows zero Ballfrom that stint together an EX Raid Boss, and as a Psychic type, the won"t take muchdamage indigenous Cresselia"s attacks. Banette rounds the end the group of typical top-flightGhost types, however Mismagiustrumps the if you have actually one available.

Even November"s Bug-themed ar Research most likely won"t beenough to provide you with strong enough Pokémon to take benefit ofCresselia"s weakness come Bug-type attacks. Take into consideration powering increase a Pinsir if girlfriend caughta horde throughout a recent event—it"s not a Pokémon countless Trainers invest in, yet itcan dish out Bug-type damages faster than any type of other Pokémon available. The Bug-and Steel-type Scizor gives a balance of solid offense and also defense, though otherSteel-type Pokémon favor Metagross space worth considering if you"d choose toprioritize defense, since they"ll resist every one of Cresselia"s attacks.

Cresselia"s minimal weaknesses typical that you"re much more likelythan regular to should round out your team through Pokémon that have actually their attacksenhanced through the weather. Remember come deploy your Fire varieties under the sun, yourDragon varieties when it"s windy, and your Water varieties and Electric varieties when it"srainy to acquire an extra boost. Make time to battle Cresselia if you have fog inyour area—that weather condition will rise both Ghost- and Dark-type attacks.

Get in Sync

Make every Premier sphere you knife count since you"ll have alimited amount to record Cresselia with when you"ve defeated it. You have the right to earn extraPremier Balls if you defeat Cresselia alongside your friends, for this reason be certain tobring them through you. Usage a golden Razz Berry prior to each throw, and also remember tostock up on them beforehand by beating other Raid Bosses.

The odds of capturing Cresselia are best while the targetring is at a small enough diameter to score great Throws, and throwingCurveballs deserve to improve your chances further. But work within your abilities—ifyou don"t think you can hit great Curveballs reliably, aim for Nice orGreat Throws rather than risk missing the target ring completely.

Be careful not come waste your Premier Balls by cram whileCresselia is moving around. Wait for it to start actingup and for that is target ring to disappear, climate time her throw so the thePremier sphere lands as the target ring reappears.

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Cresseliais one exceptionally daunting Pokémon come catch, therefore don"t it is in discouraged if the getsaway the very first time you defeat it. Stock up on advantageous items favor Max Potions,Max Revives, and gold Razz Berries, and shot again later with some friends. Goodluck v your next Raid Battle, and remember come check back to for more PokémonGO, video clip game, and also Pokémon TCG tips.