i just acquired on dragonvale today and also there to be three new rare dragons, bronze Olympus, silver- Olympus, and also gold Olympus. Castle look strange yet they room rather new so I just wanted to know if anybody had the ability to breed them.

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ns tried scorch and bronze in the sanctuary and also I obtained a Olympus-looking egg. It's definitly no bronze or any other type of egg I've watched so far. Perhaps it's a gold egg or something else.
While there room three types of Olympus Dragons, all three seem to it is in the same mix of elements: Air, Earth, Lightning and also Fire. This makes -many- different dragon combinations possible as long as castle posses those 4 elements.

When effectively bred all three types appear to have the same reproduction time because that 35 hours.

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This info was taken from the ideal wiki pages for the Bronze, Silver and also Gold execution of the Olympus dragons.



For anyone who simply wants the most successful, details breeding combination(s):

Sonic + Lava -OR- Blazing + Crystal

Source: Dragonvale Wikia Community


I"ve been trying different combinations that I"ve came across and v the pasture dragon and also quake dragon I have an Olympus dragon currently and an additional being bred now


I"ve likewise heard the crystal and blazing work

There is a website referred to as www.macenstein.com/dragonvale that tells you various combinations to acquire the dragon u want (every combination I"ve make the efforts from over there has functioned over time)


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