In Story Mode: You have to hold down square and a symbol will pop up and also you simply aim the over her and also you will throw a batarang at her. In complimentary mode i provided either batman or robin and throw a batarang while she is throwing the hammers.

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How come beat Harley Quinn in Lego Batman?

– LEGO Batman: The electronic games Q&A because that PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs how do i beat harley quinn? log In to include custom note to this or any kind of other game. Just how do ns beat harley quinn? save chasing her around the circle, and try to stay close. Sometimes she’ll jump to the various other side, and if she does simply repeat the chase.

How to fight Batman in Lego Batman 2?

Jump on it and start heading on the greater floor through jumping on the following poles. In new area you’ll have to fight v Two-Face. Watch the end for bullets and also use bricks (they space on the left and also right side on the down of the screen) to build a grappler (Batman have the right to use it to obtain on the floor).

What’s the best means to win Harley Quinn?

Keep chasing her approximately the circle, and try to remain close. Sometimes she’ll run to the other side, and also if she does just repeat the chase. Eventually she’ll have actually done enough flips the she’ll obtain dizzy and pause. That is your possibility to strike.

How to rise the wall in Lego Batman 2?

Eliminate every enemies and use rope on the gripper ~ above the left (picture). Usage to rise on the wall. Start relocating in the right direction. Once you gain to the edge of the wall use hook top top the left gripper. When you obtain to the air usage hook again top top the gripper top top the appropriate side.

Why did Harley Quinn Kiss Batman?

He thought she had actually water in her lungs, and was start mouth come mouth resuscitation. The did not know she was actually faking it, and so she kissed him. You might see immediately afterwards that that stopped, and also acted disgusted together Harley laughed.

How execute you complete Joker’s masterpiece?

The Joker’s Masterpiece

Use a Batarang to destroy the gargoyle statue on the pedestal at right and assemble the lever. Use a Batarang to ruin the statue ~ above the tall platform, climate build and pull the lever. You need the Sonic suit to have the ability to acquire the LEGO canister from the glass display case in the center.

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Did Batman sleep with Batgirl?

In Bruce Timm’s non-canon world Batgirl also had a relationship with Bruce Wayne/ Batman. In the much maligned movie adaptation that the death Joke, over there is a non-canon step in which they did have sex. In this world they have likewise dated. The relationship in between Batman and also Batgirl is not thought about canon.

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